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Our Top 5 Findings From Last Week

Will Ellis Photo Process Off NY Building Falling apart | Eclectic Trends

To get the full picture of societal change, it is essential to be cross-reading. These are the 5 top findings from last week:

Will Ellis Photo Process Off NY Building Falling apart | Eclectic Trends


There is beauty in decadence. Will Ellis has spent the last seven years photographing dismantling and falling apart building in New York City. The result is an ode to the passage of time. But also an invitation to reflect on the future of those same spaces.


A design to die for, Exit Here is a funeral service with a modern approach. They want to change the way people manage the end of life. The interior design is contemporary, with a calming blue on the wall in some areas and bright yellow in others, and other accents of color in the furniture. They offer a complete line of products and services: unique caskets, urns, and arrangements for the funeral and hospitality.


Waiting for the bus can be a very annoying experience, above all in countries where winter is freezing. What if that time is transformed intotime for just being.” What is so unique about this bus station? A “Station for Being” is in Umeå (Sweden), and it was designed by Architecture studio Rombout Frieling Lab. People can wait while leaning onto hanging and mobile pods; the arrival of the bus is instead announced with a distinctive sound and light for each bus.


A lot is said about how cities are getting populated and about urban living. But what about the opposite trend? What about those people that got sick of living in the city and went back to a more down-to-earth sort of life? City Quitters, by ethnographer Karen Rosenkranz, shares the secrets about what rural life can be like today, about the positive outcome of this choice and the challenges.


Is “flight shaming” becoming a thing? It was only a matter of time until the attention was going to move from fashion to travel and its implication when it comes to pollution and climate change. Schipol, the airport of Amsterdam, might have to put on hold its project of expansion.

These are the top 5 findings we are sharing this week, but if you are in desire of more food-for-thoughts, continue reading here.


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