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Our Top 5 Findings From Last Week

Top 5 finding from last week March | Eclectic Trends

We never stop researching what is happening out there in the world. These are “Our Top 5 Findings From Last Week”, some of the most exciting projects, cross-industry.

Top 5 finding from last week March | Eclectic Trends

Photography: Courtesy of Buhaus.


1// Microarchitecture

Triggered by the wildfires of 2018, Californian architect Doug Burdge and builder Nate Garnero decided to build a prefabricated housing. Buhaus comes with fire-resistant materials and off-grid capacity. The result is mesmerizing as well as futuristic. Mini-living solutions will never stop being fascinating. Continue reading…


2// Books to read

Society links technology with computer-based solutions and digital projects. The book Lo-TEK, “Traditional Ecological Knowlege” by architect Julia Watson, is the research of how there is a cumulative body of knowledge in indigenous communities. These communities survive and exist isolated from technology but use nature to find smart solutions to thrive. Continue reading…


 3// An app to hire a protester

Do you want to attend a #metoo gathering or a #fridaysforfuture protest, but your schedule is full? The app Wistand allows you to pay a person, or a “messenger,” to attend any gathering you cannot. Wistand refers to its service as “a democratic tool.” Continue reading…


4// Libraries as new public spaces

Oodi is a library located in Helsinki, intending to create a community hub. The perks in this space are astonishing: 3D printer, playing areas, cinema, sauna, among others. If you are not convinced, this will: while visiting the library, you will see unique design robots responsible for transporting books, so the staff can entirely focus on the visitors. Continue reading…


5// The future of coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are fascinating hubs for modern nomads. However, they do not always represent the best solution. Codi is a platform that allows home-based workers to list their home-offices, namely, living rooms, kitchens, or studios to share with other coworkers. Do you want to become a host? Continue reading…


Have these projects triggered your curiosity? You can find more Top 5 Findings From Last Week by clicking here, happy reading!

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