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Our Top 5 Findings From Last Week

A Better Source Platform For Conscious Living | Eclectic Trends


Now that is a fantastic place and directory! A Better Source is a directory of environmentally conscious resources for planet-loving designers & businesses. Why does consumer waste matter? What is circular design? Which resource (packaging) do I need for my next project or product? If these are a few questions you have, then please check out A Better Source.


According to Greenpeace, the Capital of India, New Delhi, is one of the most polluted cities in the world. So, a concept of Spa called Pure Oxygen has started to offer to its customers 15 minutes of oxygen inhalation at the cost of 299 rupees ($5,68). Although not yet proven that these sessions can be beneficial when trying to fight the consequences of living in a polluted city, spending 15 minutes breathing fragrance purified oxygen is becoming “a thing” in New Delhi. Besides, customers can even purchase a can containing pure oxygen to bring along… in case of need!



KUR!O is a modular shelving system created by Markus Hofko. The product, about to be launched to the market, has a quite adaptable yet straightforward system that allows you to create different configurations with a limited amount of pieces. In times where apartments are smalls and life hectic, we do want to be able to simply, but efficiently, organize our space, personalizing the style (in this case color) and its functionality.



Coworking spaces are the new normal in any international city. And for the same reason, the overpopulated universe a city represents, escaping is an increasing need. So why don’t combining both concepts and open a coworking space in the woods? This is the idea of the team behind Workin’ forest. A group of digital nomads, united by the cause of getting out of the hustle and into the forest. They are currently building a co-living and coworking space deep in the woods: to disconnect from the pace of a city with all the perks a digital nomad needs. We would love to work in the wood, don’t you?



Our digital persona is becoming more interwoven with our physical ones. Above all, for younger generations that use apps, filters, and even AV to alter their look, or to present themselves as they please or feel. An example is Antonio Garza, she became a celebrity on youtube, playing with her identity and her look using the tool given by the internet. She is only 16, so this identity is probably a work in progress. This poses several questions about how in the future younger generations will perceive who they are, and by consequence, the real world around them. Sounds intriguing, right? Read further here.


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