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Our Top 5 Findings This Week

Top5 Findings this Week-Hilda Hellström |Eclectic Trends

We get often asked the question of where we get our inspiration from. Welcome back to Our Top 5 Findings this week where will give you some insights of a few internet readings we pick every two weeks. They’re not Interior Design related only, but cover a wider array of fields. We hope you’ll find it interesting.

Top5 Findings this Week-Hilda Hellström |Eclectic Trends


1// Blurring the line between real and fake, art and design

Have you ever heard about Pataphysics? Honestly, we did not. This is a philosophy that gives credence to that which exists even beyond the metaphysical realm — in other words, the imaginary, the irrational, and the unreal and has inspired artists such as Marcel Duchamp to Groucho Marx. You can read all about it on SightUnseen and see the link to Hilda Hellström’s work (image above).



2// Debunking the myth of  “The bigger the city, the bigger the opportunities”

While moving to urban areas might offer more opportunity for work for some, competition and pressure can get higher, too. WePresent asks if staying in rural areas can be offer enough work too and if the choice anyhow is about health, happiness, being more balanced and not sacrificing everything for a job.


3// What To Pack To Stay Productive During Business Travel

Forbes has published this article and being a frequent traveler myself, I couldn’t help but have a look at what gear or travel hacks they recommend. After reading the post, I decided I need no.1, and I am happy to see I do own no.2 already. Truth is traveling has become so much more entertaining and relaxing ever since.

What are your travel essentials?


4// What to expect when we talk make-up themed dog toys?

We are fans of Glossier here ever since we wrote about their new immersive store, so when reading that Glossier and Bark have partnered up on make-up themed dog toys, we had to find out more. It’s not, perhaps, not the most obvious pairing of two brands, but this makes it even more interesting. Sit. Stay. Glossier – quite a slogan:)

Continue reading how this collaboration came to be on Dazed Digital.


5//  Málaga apartments designed “as if sculpted from clay”

You know by now that everything related to Barcelona and Spain in general, for obvious reasons, always draws our attention.This is why we had a further look at architecture bureau Muñoz Miranda Architects which has been designing the New Brick Tectonic. It looks like clay, it is not, but only the idea is already interesting, even more if the intention is to rejuvenate a post-industrial seaside strip on the Mediterranean coast in Málaga. Continue reading on DeZeen.


How about some extra inspiration?

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