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Our Top 5 Findings This Week

Top5 Findings this Week-Mario Montesinos Marco |Eclectic Trends

Welcome back to Our Top 5 Findings this week where will give you some insights into a few internet readings we pick every two weeks. We often get asked where we find our inspiration, and what are our sources. Not everything is Interior Design related in our day to day, as you will discover below, though we always include one interiors project, too.

Top5 Findings this Week-Mario Montesinos Marco |Eclectic Trends


1//Wildly colorful renovation in Valencia as the embodiment of a new vision of the home

Located in the historic neighborhood of Ruzafa, in Valencia, this apartment renovation by Mario Montesinos Marco embodies a new vision of the home as a pleasure machine, a mixed-use space “of exhibition and transformation through the creation of theatrical environments and atmospheres that have a profound effect on users, questioning the limits between the real and the digital”. To know more, please visit  Sight Unseen.


2//Discover what changes and trends will influence the art world in the next twenty years

Via the BBC, we discover how artists and curators imagine that will affect the art world in the next two decades. The big issue at the center of life and art will be the impacts of human-caused climate change. Activism-art campaigns will grow as environmentalism, border politics, and migration. Art will become increasingly diverse, while anonymity may be more desirable than fame, after the over-exposure era of social media. Museums will be seen as platforms for other voices to be heard, transforming the curator is a mediator… Continue reading.


3// HBO launches an initiative to destigmatize the conversation around mental health

To raise awareness around mental health, HBO will introduce It’s OK, an initiative that aims to destigmatize mental illness and encourage conversation around mental health issues. HBO will highlight a diversity of characters seen throughout the network’s series whose stories can help to normalize the conversation. Continue reading here.


4// A new vision of masculinity by a Chinese illustrator

In a moment where it gets more sensitive to talk about gender-specific attributes, on WePresent/WeTransfer, Chinese illustrator Tianju Duan speaks about his recent series Boy Power! and his vision of masculinity, a subject surrounded by so many changing perspectives.


5// Instagram latest security feature better manage third-party app permissions

Instagram is introducing new in-app features to help us better control the data you share with third-parties through the app. We can now manage your connections to third-party services by going to “Settings” in the Instagram app. Next tap “Security,” then tap “Apps and Websites.” From there, you’ll have the option to remove any third-party services you no longer want to be connected to our Instagram account.

You can discover recently published news from around the web in the  Our Top 5 Findings section.


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