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Our Top 5 Findings This Week

Top 5 Reads This Week -Solange Knowles | Eclectic Trends

Welcome to a new series on Eclectic Trends! We get all the time the question of where we get our inspiration from. Our Top 5 Findings this week will give you some insights of a few internet readings we pick every two weeks, and you’ll see they’re not Interior Design related only. We hope you’ll find it educating and useful.

Top 5 Reads This Week -Solange Knowles | Eclectic Trends


1// How we will travel by 2050.

Or may be earlier? We know we have to stop flying as if there was no tomorrow and take it for granted. Greta Thunberg has become our role model.

Fast Company shares a few thoughts and statements from experts. You will learn how a magnetic ring around our planet could bring you in 45min. to the other side of the world. The idea sounds utopic; truth is, we need radical action to revolutionize how we travel the world. Now.



2// Environmental-friendly packaging is a reality.

Have you ever thought how much packaging you throw away a day? Can you imagine consuming anything without packaging? Biodegradable alternatives are being studied, and JWT shows a few examples of cork, mycelium and seed paper packaging.

We wrote first about mycelium here on Eclectic Trends in 2017 being used for lamp shades and small furniture and are happy to see if this material is being researched for further use.

It actually looks interesting and adds more value to the entire product and brand communication. Mu guess is, we will decide whether to purchase one or another product depending on how sustainable the packaging becomes.



3// CBD is booming, yet despite the ‘green rush’ there is not much transparency so far.

The Us market takes a chance on CBD which has become legal in all 50 states. Jeff Yauck, the co-founder of PureKana, one of the most successful CBD companies, is taking his knowledge to give more transparency on the use and properties.

In a study conducted by New York University, three groups of patients who suffered from anxiety were given CBD, a placebo, and no medication. Can you guess the results Forbes is publishing in this article?



4// Sophisticated Serenity, a term that suits the Catalan philosophy very well and seen in the hospitality field of Barcelona

Whenever Barcelona pops up in the news, we must read the article :) Hospitality is becoming very experimental, innovative and the latest acquisition in town, which Skift shares in its article is no exception. I am actually sitting here right now with my morning café con leche meanwhile I am typing these lines:)



5// When I get home by Solange Knowles

My favorite finding by far. I am a huge fan of Solange, her art resonates very much with me and I’d loved to see her museum performances which hopefully will come closer to Europe soon and more regularly (and make it possible to attend). I have been talking this year much about Experience Economy when working with corporate clients and trying to share why this Macro Trend is so relevant. One of the examples I give is the fact that museums need to rethink how they engage with younger audiences who are more interested in being an active part of a happening/experience/performance than looking at a painting from a certain distance.

If you hop over to the article published by WeTransfer, you’ll see that this is not a single-voiced opinion:

It’s essential for museums to recognize the important cultural contributions of artists across disciplines, beyond static artwork that hangs on walls.”
Lauren Argentina Zelaya, Director of Public Program, Brooklyn Museum



The 33-minutes screening, which Knowles is calling an interdisciplinary performance art film, shows her returning to her hometown of Houston.

How about some extra inspiration?

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