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Our Work: 4 Trend Videos 2020/21 – Part I


We hardly share any client collaborations over here or show a portfolio (new web site is under construction) of our work. This time, we’d like to present one of the (pre-COVID) trend collabs we’ve done for Lamigraf and the surface design industry here in Spain and show you 4 Trend Videos 2020/21. It’s probably little known that Eclectic Trends has an in-house video production company, and whenever there is room, we translate trend research into a video format.

The brief was to produce videos to use during sales meetings as an additional tool and explain the origin of the new collection. We also took into consideration the side benefits of creating content for communication purposes on digital platforms. Videos can always be split in snippets when the storytelling structure allows doing so. We took care of the art direction of the renders too, so trend drivers would be represented in each visualization and all content would speak a coherent language.

The structure of the four videos comes in three parts to achieve a smooth and comprehensive transition from an abstract trend concept translated into a new collection. You’ll see:

  1. A short explanation of each trend based on drivers, numbers, and projects.

  2. An avatar defined for each story which shares a couple of reflections (quotes).

  3. Multiple renders that show habitats answering to the specific trend and end consumer’s preferences. The new surface collection ranging from wood to stone and textiles is integrated into different residential and public habitats.

  4. The new surface collection and color references of the client which is based on the four trends.


Here go the first two Trend Videos 2020/21, a handful of renders, and a few statistics:


Individuals want to nurture their ideal-self and become the best version of themselves they can, which can be described as the ultimate state of well-being and mental health, including a self-grow process. Constant (online) education and tracking of results for improvement on multiple apps have become a standard. There are more than 160.000 self-tracking apps on the market.

Self-actualization is an interwoven path to uncover the grounds of:

  1. Personification, a journey to better know ourselves, identify our needs and creativity; 

  2. Empowerment, a route to live our life to the fullest.

Consumers want to feel understood in their quest to improve themselves. Brands know that they can not connect with their customers only through style values; cultural fit is as essential as product fit with hyper-small targeting playing a key role. Think today of AI technology or private appointments in the retail field.
We will look for services and products that connect with our emotions, aspirations, and answer concrete needs, which have become more relevant than style or taste when making purchase decisions. 








50% of consumers express interest in customized products or services.”




This capsule hotel shows the restless and curious nature of the Autonomous Dweller, the avatar we selected for Self-Realization. They always try to figure out how to maximize productivity and resources, be up-to-date, and test new inventions.


Here goes the video where you can watch all concepts united in a 2-minute clip:





Due to the hectic lifestyles of most modern societies, consumers feel the compelling desire to improve the way they take care of their health and well-being.

The feeling of well-being begins within the environment’s walls, where we spend most of our time.
Once our homes are uncluttered, we have no other choices than look within: our emotional and psychological well-being become as crucial as our body’s wellness.

Everyday objects, our dwellings, our working environments, and even public spaces need to convey and facilitate well-being and the possibility to detox. These spaces lay infinite personal growth opportunities through self-caring and stress-relief methods.

What if everyday gestures and routines such as drinking a cup of tea, or sitting around a fire, cleansing our face, or slowly preparing a meal, have an impact on improving our well-being more than anticipating? What if celebrating rituals become an intrinsic moment of your everyday? A ritual is infused by symbolism and meaning, which makes it different from routine.










84% of consumers consider their well-being to be part of health today.”
Wunderman Thompson Intelligence



The Holistic Well-Being Seeker chooses warm trending chocolate tones to embrace a soothing environment where she can dress and unwinds. This part of the home is integrated as a whole in a design concept that talks about self-care interiors dedicated to feeling good, at ease, and relaxed.


Here goes the video where you can watch all concepts united in a 2-minute clip:



We are going to publish video no.3 and 4 in the next article tomorrow. >

Trend Report and Art Direction: Eclectic Trends | Video production and music: Bureau of Stories | Rendering: In Imagen; Proyecto3D Valencia

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