Our Work: 4 Trend Videos 2020/21 – Part II


In case you haven’t seen the previous post and Part I of this series, please read the introduction: We hardly share any client collaborations over here or show a portfolio (new web site is under construction) of our work. This time, we’d like to present one of the (pre-COVID) trend collabs we’ve done for Lamigraf and the surface design industry here in Spain and show you 4 Trend Videos 2020/21. It’s probably little known that Eclectic Trends has an in-house video production company, and whenever there is room, we translate trend research into a video format.

The brief was to produce videos to use during sales meetings as an additional tool and explain the origin of the new collection. We also took into consideration the side benefits of creating content for communication purposes on digital platforms. Videos can always be split in snippets when the storytelling structure allows doing so. We took care of the art direction of the renders too, so that trend drivers would be represented in each visualization and all content would speak a coherent language.

The structure of the four videos comes in three parts to achieve a smooth and comprehensive transition from an abstract trend concept translated into a new collection. You’ll see:

  1. A short explanation of each trend based on drivers, numbers, and projects.

  2. An avatar defined for each story which shares a couple of reflections (quotes).

  3. Multiple renders that show habitats answering to the specific trend and end consumer’s preferences. The new surface collection ranging from wood to stone and textiles is integrated into different residential and public habitats.

  4. The new surface collection and color references of the client which is based on the four trends.



End consumers who relate to Restoration care about their conscious relationship with nature by consistent and coherent behavior, checking the impact on the environment in their daily purchasing decisions.

They are typically demanding with the brands they use; they try to serve themselves mostly from companies that choose to be more environmentally friendly.
92 percent of consumers belonging to this tribe believe that both companies and brands have the responsibility to take care of the environment and its people.

A large part of this trend takes nature as a muse going back to materials that already exist in nature such as fungi mycelium or seaweed to be included in circular economy projects.









79 % of consumers are increasingly conscious of their personal impact on the planet.

Wunderman Thompson Intelligence




Indoors and outdoors are melting for The Conscious Family who takes pride in integrating recycled and sustainable materials in their homes such as mycelium grown pendant lights and a terrazzo surface for the dining table that could be made be of recycled plastic pieces.


Here goes the video where you can watch all concepts united in a 2-minute clip:





Cities are the economic powerhouses and are growing at an unprecedented rate. According to a UN prediction, around 2.5 billion more people will be living in cities by 2050.

Moving from city to city every 3 to 5 years turns into a lifestyle. Many of us have become Modern Nomads now that traveling is more accessible or because works bring us elsewhere.

These open-minded individuals are used to experimentation, failure, hacking and constant re-evaluation, which are are also part of their core values. Modern Nomads are interested in design, objects, and services whose power is their mobility and versatility.









1,5 mill. habitants move from rural to urban areas every single week on a global scale.”
United Nations





Modern Nomads are all about flexible and versatile lifestyles. This multi-functional library offers a coffee shop, the furniture comes wired to charge digital devices, and the library becomes an open atrium on their staircase for video screening and conferences. It’s a me-space for study and a we-space for community gathering after library opening hours.

Here goes the video where you can watch all concepts united in a 2-minute clip:



Trend Report and Art Direction: Eclectic Trends | Video production and music: Bureau of Stories | Rendering: In Imagen; Proyecto3D Valencia

Please see part I including the first two videos over here.

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