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Out of the blue by Studiopepe – Milan Design Week 2016

Studio Pepe-Milan Design Week16-EclecticTrends

We are huge fans here of the very talented ladies duo behind the Italian design agency Studiopepe and do love the way they use color palettes. This monochromatic project was quite a surprise.

Out of the blue by Studiopepe presented at the Milan Design Week 16 a few days ago, is an idiomatic expression that describes an event that occurs unexpectedly. The blue refers to the sky where something suddenly appears.


The collection of sculptures investigates the correspondence between sunlight and the surface, through the study of form. The color blue, in all of its shades and depending upon various factors combined together, becomes the direct result of this encounter.






This collection, composed of 8 plaster objects, is the fruit of a study conducted on the relationship between for, light, and color. Studiopepe was exhibiting amongst other very creative Italian designers at the Ladies&Gentlemen show being one of my highlights this year.

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