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Who would not love a glass at this joyful outdoor wine bar?

Outdoor wine garden by Gustaf Westman

Open exclusively during the summer months and nestled within the vibrant ambiance of Trädgården, Stockholm, the outdoor wine bar Vingården was designed by Gustaf Westman. Every detail of this space exudes his signature, shaping a harmonious blend of functionality and fun through quirky forms and unexpected design solutions.

Among the highlights are three newly introduced metal-crafted marvels—the Wine Table, Pipe Chair, and Pipe Table—each a testament to Westman’s artistic vision. Complemented by handcrafted features like two bars, a cozy conversation pit, and an intimate chambre séparée, Vingården unfolds as a haven of warm gatherings and memorable moments.

Outdoor wine bar by Gustaf Westman

Outdoor wine bar by Gustaf Westman

Outdoor wine bar by Gustaf Westman

Outdoor wine garden by Gustaf Westman

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