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Outstanding stylist/photographer teams, part I : Tina Hellberg and Petra Bindel






There are outstanding stylist/photographer teams. The Swedish ladies Tina Hellberg (styling) and Petra Bindel (photography) are one of those teams when working together, you just know forehand that the result is going to be fab. This series called ” Late summer blues” has an amazing colour scheme and evokes (in me) a nostalgic sense and the desire to escape from an urban life and live in the country side. Just for a while though :-)

I will write next week about another “dream team”. Do you have a favorite team when it comes to combine two different disciplines in the creative world?

Hay equipos excelentes de estilistas y fotógrafos. Como Tina Hellberg (estilismo) y Petra Bindel (fotografía). Son de aquellos tandems que cuando trabajan sabes de antemano que el resultado va a ser  fabuloso. Esta serie que se llama ” Blues al final del verano” tiene un colorido asombroso y evoca (al menos en mí) un cierto sentimiento nostálgico y el deseo de escapar de una vida urbana y vivir en el campo. Bueno, solo un tiempo…

Voy a escribir la semana que viene de otro “dream team”. Por cierto, ¿tenéis un tándem favorito de dos disciplinas creativas?

How about some extra inspiration?

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    1. We had a nice day here up in the North (I am still in Hannover), it is normally the other way round:-) Danke für’s vorbei schauen!

  1. Oh Gudy, I came across Tina’s portfolio the other day and fell in love with her style. Thank you for sharing this. Both Tina and Petra are so so talented. xD

    1. Hi Anette,
      will keep on posting creative tandems. My heart beats for the stylist side but the photographer is exactly the other 50% of the end result!

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