An inspiring color palette: The Henrietta Hotel in London

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Being an interior enthusiast, you probably can relate to the fact, that visiting Salone del Mobile feels like a brand new recommencement. Surprisingly often and even months after visiting the Salone we stumble over references and inspiring details that were born in Milan only: The Parisian Designer of the Henrietta Hotel in London, Dorothee Meilichzon says about her very first …

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Volkshotel Amsterdam – The Bathing Bikou Room

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Today we would love to take you on a trip to the Volkshotel Amsterdam. It’s not only the hotel that won us over with it’s contemporary look, but one of their gorgeous rooms, designed by the dutch product designer Hanna Maring. Hanna studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven, before she was asked to join the creative team for Volkshotel. The …

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How to transform a Middle Age Monastery into a hotel

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Chapels and monasteries are getting slowly repurposed into private residencies or hotels. I have seen mainly a shift towards new experiences between tradition and contemporary living in The Netherlands and now in France. Both are heavenly places to stay, why not give them a try? Agence Jouin Manku were required to integrate 21st-century aesthetics and technologies without altering the original structure of …

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American Trade Hotel In Panama City

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I hardly ever write about hotels but his one caught my eye because I've been in Panama last year and loved the hospitality, and on the other side since publishing a trend report about wall hangings, I can't help but I always have a second look at any story that come with these gorgeous woven tapestries. Ah, and those tiles! American …

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Floating Coworking Space That Looks Like Organic Cells

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This floating coworking space could be part of how we want to work, mingle and collaborate in the future. Working from home is safe but also very limiting; employees seek more camaraderie and working at their office desk, but would also love to have an inspirational space in between.     And while this project is merely a conceptual idea to present a …

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Domed Buildings As A Driver For Community Power

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200 colored domed buildings constructions contain holiday homes and facilities on the island of Hormuz overlooking the Persian Gulf. Iranian practice ZAV Architects wanted to encourage tourists to visit the forgotten island and help increase the local GDO (gross domestic product) while being an alternative to standard high-rise holiday apartments. We are used to seeing high-rise hotel structures on shores; these …

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