Homely comfort in a rehabilitation center

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We have started seeing inspiring examples this year of how a clinical environment could look less anonymous and more comforting and how caregiving and design can go hand in hand. Adding surface design and color are two main ingredients to give more joy and personality to the architectural and design work, and thus benefit caregivers and patients. At Domstate Zorghotel, located in …

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Our Work: 4 Trend Videos 2020/21 – Part I

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We hardly share any client collaborations over here or show a portfolio (new web site is under construction) of our work. This time, we'd like to present one of the (pre-COVID) trend collabs we've done for Lamigraf and the surface design industry here in Spain and show you 4 Trend Videos 2020/21. It's probably little known that Eclectic Trends has …

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5 Areas That Need To Rethink Social Distancing Design

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Movements usually boil slowly until they come to the surface, grow, and eventually become a trend spread in various disciplines. Some convert into a mainstream phenomenon, others stay niche, and disappear after a while. We did not see a movement or trend for social distancing design coming up (though they were a few examples in Japan) but had to figure …

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IT’S TRENDING: The Mushroom Universe (Free Ebook)

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We see mushrooms everywhere; it's a trending Mushroom Universe! Fungi’s kingdom has around 144,000 of known species of organism. It includes yeasts, rusts, smuts, mildews, molds, and mushrooms. We use them in several aspects of our life: medicine, consumption, and lately largely in design. Fungi are among the organisms most distributed on Earth, and they have an essential role in the …

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A Mood Board Masterclass Review: Three Student Projects

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It's been a while I've shared a review from the masterclass. I'd love to share today three student projects for you to see different approaches and aesthetics we work during the day. Since the projects were answered after the Spanish masterclass last week, please see the second version in Spanish coming next. 1// HOTEL LE MÉRIDIEN BARCELONA   1// Can you briefly explain the …

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Top 5 Readings From Last Week

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Please find a selection of our offbeat readings lately, not necessarily linked to interior design only. These are the Top 5 Readings From Last Week: 1// HOSPITALITY + WELLNESS Sweden has opened a bird's nest hotel by architects Bertil Harström and Johan Kauppi with a floating circular structure of the main building and cabins on river Lule. Imagine a wellness center situated …

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