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Considered Practice Palefire are pioneers of responsible and creative design


Palefire works to blur some of the historically distinct lines between domestic design and ‘fine art’, bringing an artistic sensibility to design for the home.


They have a unique approach, drawing on the spirit and romance of historical art and design moments like Art Nouveau, the Omega Workshops, Abstract Expressionism, and mid-century Murano glass-making, always underpinned by a commitment to responsible design practices.

Palefire’s latest collection, the U/V collection, comprises eight decorative light designs based on a modular system using five moulded, recycled paper-pulp shapes.

Central to the Palefire ethos is the recycling and reduction of waste throughout the making process.

Each light is made from recycled moulded paper pulp in small batches at a family-run workshop outside Barcelona and then hand-painted in their London studio using low-VOC paint.

Their paint is made in Iceland and Sweden using 100% geothermal energy and has one of the lowest VOC (volatile organic compound) ratings in the UK.

The metal and electric components are made in a small family-run factory in Birmingham, where waste filings are collected and put back into the system. The lights are hand-finished in the studio and are assembled by a specialist in South London.


“At Palefire we believe that designers and makers must be considered about their production and its environmental impact. We feel it is our responsibility to ensure that the products we make are as environmentally friendly as possible, with minimal waste. Our debut collection is made predominantly from recycled materials and is a modular, made-to-order system which reduces stock waste.”



Each structure is uniquely textured. The lights are balanced with an imperfect composition – lightweight yet robust, considered yet playful.

Each design is paired and painted to order, reducing stock waste. Bespoke finishes are available upon request.


Meet The Founder

Rowena Morgan-Cox

Rowena Morgan-Cox is a multi-disciplinary creative born and raised in South London, where she now bases her design practice. Her distinct personal taste is a reflection of her wide-ranging interests, marrying the wild aesthetic of the Arts & Crafts movement with the pared-back forms of European modernism.

She spent almost a decade honing her eye as a specialist dealer in European sculpture, painting and decorative art. In 2018, she helped interior designer Tobias Vernon set up the popular art and design store 8 Holland Street, and most recently she was Managing Director of The Fine Art Society in London, relaunching the gallery in a new space for which she designed the interiors.

Rowena’s expertise was in Decorative Arts from the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century, and notably, she managed the sale of the John Scott collection of decorative art and sculpture (2014-2015). Rowena holds an MA from the Courtauld Institute of Art, where she studied nineteenth-century European painting and sculpture.







Photography: Kim Lightbody

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