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Parconido Bakery Cafe is a playful oasis of curves and illusions

Sukchulmok Parconido Bakery Cafe interior round

Parconido Bakery Cafe, located in the heart of South Korea’s Gyeonggi-do province is a captivating and visionary project by Sukchulmok Studio.

The bakery cafe is a symphony of red bricks, curved forms and arched openings that transport visitors into a realm of optical illusions and delightful surprises.

Sukchulmok Parconido Bakery Cafe interior


An Illusion of Expansion: Creating Space Through Curves

Lead architect Park Hyunhee describes the concept behind Parconido Bakery Cafe as an exploration of expansion and optical illusions. By adhering to a single design rule, the space was meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of boundless openness. Every element within the cafe has been thoughtfully placed to take visitors on a mesmerizing visual journey.


A European Square-Inspired Haven

Drawing inspiration from the client’s cherished memories of Italy, Sukchulmok Studio aimed to recreate the vibrant ambience of European public squares. The client, a clothing businessman, envisioned the cafe as a tranquil haven where people could find respite. The result is a harmonious fusion of red brick buildings, stone pillars, and convivial conversations that characterise the enchanting squares of Europe.

On the rooftop level and terrace, Parconido Bakery Cafe embraces the beauty of alfresco dining. Clay brick columns with graceful arches create a rhythmic cadence throughout the space, while U-shaped openings in the walls invite gentle breezes and dappled sunlight. Steel frames extend into curving forms, effortlessly merging with the surrounding brick walls. To enhance their weightlessness, the curved elements are adorned with bricks trimmed to two-thirds of their original thickness, a masterful stroke of artistic craftsmanship.

Sukchulmok Parconido Bakery Cafe rooftop

Nostalgic European Charm Reimagined

As visitors venture inside Parconido Bakery Cafe, they step into a realm of elegance and tranquillity. Curved walls adorned with white tiles guide guests through spaces reminiscent of the enchanting interiors found in European squares. Every detail has been meticulously considered, from the travertine limestone tiles reminiscent of European fountain squares to the recessed kitchens nestled within the curved walls. Wooden elements, such as wall panels and ceiling pipes, exude a welcoming warmth, inviting guests to unwind and indulge in a moment of blissful escape.


A Curvaceous Tapestry of Furnishings

Within Parconido Bakery Cafe, bespoke circular furnishings and uniquely designed seating areas beckon patrons to immerse themselves in comfort and elegance. The studio’s collection of twelve different furniture designs showcases a harmonious blend of shapes, textures, and materials. From the imaginative use of leftover finishing materials to the artful combination of wood, overlapping pipes, and concrete castings, each piece resonates with the space, forming a seamless synergy of art and functionality.

Beauty in Uniformity

In their quest for design unity, Sukchulmok Studio based the entire cafe’s aesthetic around a constant radius of 600 millimetres. This deliberate choice brought coherence and fluidity to every aspect, including walls, columns, and furniture. By maintaining this consistent radius, the design team forged connections between spaces, ensuring a cohesive and visually stimulating experience. The height of doors, windows, and ceiling finishes all harmonize within this magical 600-millimetre realm.

Parconido Bakery Cafe, with its playful curves and illusion-like atmosphere, is a haven of tranquillity and visual delight. Inspired by European squares and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this architectural masterpiece by Sukchulmok Studio offers a truly immersive experience where visitors can escape the ordinary and indulge in the extraordinary. Step into a world of enchantment, where every curve and arch tells a story, and embrace the beauty that lies within the captivating Parconido Bakery Cafe.

Sukchulmok Parconido Bakery Cafe bespoke furniture

Sukchulmok Parconido Bakery Caf terrace

Sukchulmok Parconido Bakery Cafe dining area

Sukchulmok Parconido Bakery Cafe interior round

Photography is by Hong Seokgyu

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