Peonies for 2 flower girls: #5

Inga and Elodie are the 2 flower girls. They buy and arrange individually seasonal flowers (every edition a different flower) and ask their readers to participate sending their photos. This is already the 5th edition and you can see all their pictures at their Pinterest board.

I am a bit behind the release of this month series and furthermore my peonies did not bloom. But I found them very interesting anyhow and just the past beauty made them even more special when photographing them. I have to say, I am quite happy with the accident:-)

peonies_4.2 flowergirls | Eclectic Trends

peonies_2 flowergirls | Eclectic Trends

peonies_3 flowergirls | Eclectic Trends

Inga Elodie son las 2 flower girls. En cada edición compran flores de temporada y las arreglan de forma individual, cada una a su manera y ellas piden a sus lectores de enviar también fotos de su ‘interpretación’. Esta ya es la 5ª edición, y podéis ver todas las fotos aquí en Pinterest.

Voy un poco atrasada con la edición actual, y además no se abrieron las peonias que compré. Pero hasta que me hizo gracia y me pareció mucho más interesante a la hora de fotografiar. Y al final, como pasa a menudo, los accidentes resultan ser bastante agradecidos.

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. I’m a big fan of your styling, it’s different & stunning! I couldn’t stop making photos of peonies, the 2flowergirls got me going… So I have 3 colors I really enjoyed styling, you can find it here: und hier , here: and here: I guess, peonies were my BIG love in June!

  2. Dear Gudy,
    thank you so much for taking part. I love your styling! Thanks also for spreading the word in Spanish! I would love to have more international participants.
    take care

  3. I love peonies! We don’t have them in our part of the world, and peony season is one of my favorite things about living in Europe :)

    1. They told me yesterday when buying again that the peony season was basically over and I got in return 3 roses for free:-)

  4. Beautiful styling Gudy – And a love the way your flowers tells a story, you’re always thinking outside the box. For Inga and Elodie, they’re as beautiful as their flowers:-)

    1. They publish every month a flower theme and ask to participate by shooting your version with the same flowers. Elodie (Madame Love Blog) and Inga are the #2flowergirls behind this idea.

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