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PepsiCo Poland HQ is a symphony of color & sustainability

Pepsico Poland colorful reception

PepsiCo Poland envisioned a remarkable office space embodying the company’s vibrant identity while embracing sustainability.

The design aimed to stand in contrast to the industrial surroundings, offering a fresh and colourful environment. By integrating elements associated with PepsiCo’s brands and employing sustainable practices, the new headquarters became a haven of creativity and conscious living.

Stepping across the threshold of the PepsiCo Poland headquarters, one enters a realm that transcends the ordinary. The office space teems with subtle yet captivating references to PepsiCo’s brands, drawing inspiration from art, design, and advertising. The intention was to create an atmosphere of non-obvious associations, fostering an environment where creativity flourishes.

Pepsico Poland colorful reception

At the reception counter, an array of Pepsi cans greets visitors, while above the sofas, a squadron of “crisps” floats elegantly. These unique elements are not custom-made but repurposed products—the Shell acoustic screens by the Polish brand Mute. On one side, a captivating mural by artist Patryk Hardziej showcases the nine most significant brands from PepsiCo’s portfolio. Adjacent to it, the cafeteria invites exploration, offering a taste of the various brands. The space exudes the ambience of 1960s American roadside bars, dominated by a vintage-inspired “refrigerator” cleverly concealing refreshing beverages.

The Creative Room: Where Inspiration Blooms

The adjoining creative room embodies the office’s distinctive character, featuring an installation inspired by the Bubbles system, designed by the Polish brand Puff-Buff. This striking element is a consistent visual thread throughout the office, stimulating creativity and igniting fresh ideas.

Designing a Spacious and Collaborative Environment

Designing the PepsiCo Poland headquarters posed an intriguing challenge due to the building’s elongated and relatively narrow structure. The architects sought to create a bright, open, and spacious interior that promotes a pleasant working atmosphere without the need for physical barriers. To achieve this, they transformed typical working areas into sectors, each accommodating no more than a dozen individuals. These sectors are seamlessly connected through lounge zones, shelves, and co-working stations, fostering collaboration and creativity. Acoustic comfort was prioritized by implementing acoustic ceilings and carpeting, further enhancing the workspace experience.

A Harmonious Balance of Colours

Although the office appears strikingly colourful at first glance, a closer observation reveals a deliberate choice of a calm and subdued colour palette. Dominated by shades of white, beige, and light grey, the interior creates a serene backdrop. Vibrant accents in the form of soft furniture, chairs, decorations, and neon lights add pops of colour strategically, ensuring a harmonious balance. The design team aimed to craft a unique office space for PepsiCo without overwhelming it with excessive and overpowering hues.

Sustainability at the Core: Innovative Solutions and Conscious Living

PepsiCo’s commitment to sustainable food production extends to its workspace. Seeking innovative packaging solutions within a closed cycle, the company collaborated with Migaloo Home to develop a unique material made from recycled beverage caps. This material found purpose in the reception desk and countertops in office kitchens and cafeterias (see image above).

Pepsico recycled plastic desk top

Promoting an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

The office layout at PepsiCo Poland was thoughtfully designed to inspire employees to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. A notable change is the complete banishment of plastic bottles from the premises. Instead, employees have access to tap water, beverages from dispensers, and hydration devices. This shift encourages mindful consumption and reinforces the company culture.

With a harmonious balance of colours and a focus on sustainable solutions, the headquarters exemplifies the company’s dedication to creating a positive and environmentally-friendly workspace.

Pepsico Poland Eclectic Trends office

Pepsico Poland Eclectic Trends private desk

Pepsico Poland desks

Images: Kinga Skalik

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