Phygital Design By POA Studio

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One of the major trends to observe within the interior design scene is with no doubt the transformation of digital design (3D rendering) into physical pieces including set or spatial design that is part of the story, and the phygital design by POA Studio is no exception.

Giovanni Valdeavellano runs Studio Poa and has been showing his first collection during Sight Unseen‘s virtual exhibition Offsite Online, together with nearly 100 designers, brands, and students. Located in New York, he was inspired by mountains and volcanos from his birthplace in Guatemala.

The pieces in his new collection seamlessly move between the disciplines of art, the technology of 3-D rendering, and the craft of sculpting materials like ceramic, glass, wood, and sand by hand. All pieces can be customized.


I mostly have ideas while I’m either going to sleep or when I’m just waking up. I think it’s very important to stay in bed for a little bit and keep your eyes closed because you can completely isolate yourself from everything. And then you can shape ideas in your head a little better.

After doing that, I grab my iPad with a pencil and I start drawing shapes. Those shapes become a tabletop or a table leg. I try to translate that hand-traced movement to digital media. The iPad is a great tool for that because I can convert that hand-traced drawing into a code for the CNC machine to cut the wood. So even though it’s being cut by a machine, it comes from a hand gesture. It’s a very good way to meet technology with nature. What’s more natural than hand drawing?”

- Giovanni Valdeavellano for Sight Unseen



Phygital Design with Poa Studio

Phygital Design By PA Studio

Phygital Design with Poa Studio

Phygital Design By PA Studio



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