A playful act by ceramics artist Julen Ussia

A playful act by ceramics artist Julen Ussia via Eclectic Trends

As we know by now, the general perception that our everyday spaces – figuratively and not – shrink, push a need for multi-functioning and flexible elements that make our life easier but also, add a more profound meaning to our life. Today, we would like to introduce you to a young Spanish talent who Gudy mentioned as well in her last trend lecture at the imm Cologne and who takes these concepts to a new conceptual level: Julen Ussia.

As he states it, his “research lab has got the aim of proposing new hypotheses and possibilities in furniture,” more than providing a limited series of objects.  We find his work beautifully stunning and intellectually provocative.






Ussia calls for a playful act, an interaction with the objects that implies also the application our problem-solving skills as well as a great dose of intuition of how objects and materials interact together. The Spanish designer doesn’t even provide an ultimate function for what he creates: he investigates the very usability of shapes, how material relates to each other and with gravity and tensions.

There is an evident interdisciplinary approach to his work that comes surely from his academic background.  He studied Fine Arts and the, after taking up ceramics as a product-design undergraduate in Barcelona, returned to his hometown of Bilbao to pursue a graduate degree called “Master in Ceramics: Art and Function,” which was focused on the experimental gray area between art and design.

You can  keep an eye on him through his Instagram account for more.


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