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Playful combination of natural salt rocks and acrylics

Within my jury duty for the FRAME Awards, I’d like to share a project that would call my attention due to the interesting, playful combination and contrast at the same time of natural salt rocks and acrylics. A slogan such as Simply beyond luxury, THE GINZA elevates your bare skin to the height of haute couture asks for an outstanding set and window design that goes beyond traditional window schemes translating a message into a memorable scenery.

THE GINZA‘s cosmetics are born from the wisdom of human beings and minerals born from the earth. By using rock salt and acrylic cubes, the installation conveys THE GINZA’s stance of looking at life from its roots and leading to healthy skin.

Inspired by a traditional Japanese toy called “Yajirobe” (Balancing Objects), the object has a precise acrylic cube as a fulcrum, a symbol of artificiality, and rock salt, a symbol of nature, at both ends of the stick. As no two pieces of rock salt are the same, the fulcrum of the acrylic cube can be adjusted to maintain the balance of the object.

The objects are balanced in different ways, some horizontal, some tilted to the extreme, to convey THE GINZA’s respect for nature’s vitality and show that products are born from a very delicate balance. The objects, which look as if they are about to fall but do not, bring a sense of dignified tension and playfulness to the high-quality shop.

Here goes a part of my jury comment in case you are interested in seeing my valuation: The installation represents a  surprising combination of natural rock salts with acrylics that invite you to get closer and appreciate all the details!  The way the pieces are fixed to the sticks suggests movement, and it would have been interesting to see a few kinetic features. The installation is beautiful; I imagine a larger format could be amazing.


A playful combination of salt rocks and acrylics

Location: 5-Chōme-9-15 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan | Designer: We+ | Client: THE GINZA Co., Ltd.| Design / Contractor: HAKUTEN


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