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Please Meet My New Eclectic Trends Newsletter Trend Contributors

I had a lot of wonderful feedback regarding the trend posts Fiona, Igor&Judith and Kristine had been submitting during the past three month for the newsletter. Thank you so much again!

Today I’d love to introduce you to the new gang of the upcoming month, and share with you the content they are going to share with you. We are starting already this week!


mbeeMirella Bruno is a British Polymath Fashion Print Trend Graphic Designer with Sicilian roots currently living in the French Swiss Alps.

She says, “I have an insatiable appetite for researching Future Trends in Print Direction, Design and Colour. And I am able to compile unique out of the box actionable fashion and lifestyle trend directions. Successfully utilizing them within my print projects.”

You can see her work on, and her newsletter post goes life on June, 10



If you follow me for a while, you all know Mette and her most wonderful work. She has been a DIY contributor on this blog, and I feel very honored to have had her amazing projects featured exclusively during along 2013/14!

She’ll be back (I really miss her!) and talks trends of the DIY world. Get ready for some extra inspiration and follow her along on monsterscircus.

Her trend article for all subscribers goes life on July,01


Albie EdwardsAlbie Edwards will get us immersed in some fashion key trends for 2016, and I love to see if there are some parallel universes with the interior world.

She is a multi-faceted designer who has designed fashion, home and interior design for the past 20 years. Albie is the Founder and Creative Director of the inspirational trend and fashion blog and studio Fashion Vignette where she and her team of talented designers will design and bring concepts to fruition. You can read all about her take on August, 05

In case you haven’t signed-up, join the growing community and please remember, theses posts will not be published on the blog. Really looking forward to the next trend reports and inspiring insights from different fields! G, x

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. What an interesting team you put together Gudy. I really like how you included DIY because this certainly is a big trend and I look forward to hearing what the lovely Mette has to say. Mel x

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