Please meet my new trend contributor for the Eclectic Trends Newsletter

If you are not following Pattern Curator so far, I recommend you do. Kristine Go runs this platform that collects images and photos to create a visual short story. With insight from experience and friends in the fashion industry, she offers an opportunity to co-create. She publishes pattern trends with color directions. I am very happy to have her on board with a fab post on patterns for  S/S16 submitted for my newsletter subscribers (please note, it will not be published on the blog).

Pattern trends by Pattern Curator -Eclectic Trends

Pattern Curator offers a look at print, pattern & color trends in a minimalistic point of view and i believe they are all rather self-explanatory. Her boards are very inspiring, and I’ll show you today already a few of her works:

Pattern trends by Pattern Curator -Eclectic Trends

Kristine will share with us 3 Pattern Trends that are hot for S/S 2016 this upcoming Wednesday.

Upon signing up to the newsletter, you’ll receive in your inbox the trends she has created for Eclectic Trends. They are exclusive, for subscribers ONLY and will only be sent out on Wednesday, 06. So, please opt-in today! Have a brilliant week! G, x


How about some extra inspiration?

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    1. Ha, das ist ja super! Das ehrt mich sehr! Bist du denn im Newsletter, Toni?? Drück dich!! G.

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