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When invited during the BlogTourLA to Poggenpohl’s showroom and enjoying a little Octoberfest dinner, we were attending the presentation of new kitchen programs from our sponsors Poggenpohl, Gaggenau and sink and faucet brand Blanco.

Gaggenau mood

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I live in one of the spots with the best culinary culture, seriously, food is outstanding is Catalonia with a huge variety of fruits, vegetable, fish, sea food and meat all around the year! However, we do not have, let’s say a certain kitchen furniture culture. As long as you don’t own your house, you don’t start inverting in a nice kitchen since the space in an apartment most of the times is not too big.

So, let’s dream big: if I had to own a kitchen (with a space) like this above from Gaggenau and all innovative features such as build-in ovens, wine storage columns and a full surface induction cooktop, I’d probably add my own style with plants, ceramic dinnerware and a fishernet ceiling lamp. I’d make it an innovation meets nature style!

Poggenpohl mood

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Now, let’s see the +Edition form Poggenpohl: different finishing and mood. This collection features natural walnut wood veneer along with white lacquer cabinetry (they were the first to invent white lacquer cabinets). Since the wood itself adds already some warmth, I’d go here for more of an urban design approach with some colored shelves and this lamp, both rather mid-century style, and a hanging chair from Patricia Urquiola, one of my all time favorite designers. I know my guests would love this one hanging around while I am cooking! I’d call this mood innovation loves design.

So, which is your favorite style? Would you go for option 1 or 2?


How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Hard choice but I would have to go with the innovation meets nature kitchen! I love ceramics and mixing in natural elements as much as possible in the kitchen. I have been referred to as the crazy plant lady! Great post Gudy!

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