Portable Cooking Kit By Jisun Kim

Portable Cooking Kit By Jesus Kun - Eclectic Trends

Jisun Kim is a South Korean multidisciplinary designer, working on interior, furniture, presenting the Portable Cooking Kit. Having and wanting to become more autonomous is one of the key drivers of all my trend presentations, so it comes as no surprise, I was looking more into this project.

Remote travel destinations are growing in popularity as consumers increasingly seek exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. But how do you offer hospitality in uncharted environments?”
Jisun Kim



The Portable Cooking Kit is a compact portable package that contains dry ingredients and cooking tools and ingredients for simple cooking when being away from home. It also has the great advantage that people can get the information they need through an app. If you are low on proteins, it will tell you. The supplied powders are lab-grown or plant-based meat; you can also find dehydrated vegetables and flavor-enhancing spices. Each package can be tailored toward the physicals condition of the traveler.

The packaging will come produced in bioplastics and include a small solar panel device to generate enough energy for the induction process and being able to use the app.


Portable Cooking Kit By Jesus Kun - Eclectic Trends

Portable Cooking Kit By Jesus Kun - Eclectic Trends

Portable Cooking Kit By Jesus Kun - Eclectic Trends

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