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CMF Boards

CMF boards for Grohe Spa



6 CMF stories on framed boards for the Grohe Spa collection

3 Macro Trends on framed boards

The client's brief

The client requests to create different CMF scenarios for the soon-to-be-launched Grohe Spa Atrio Private Collection to inspire stakeholders & partners to develop bathroom environments around their new and exclusive line. Six palettes of inspiring colors and materials should give ideas on how to create interior designs where the Grohe Spa collection could beautifully fit in.

Program & process

We envisioned three consumer scenarios who would live with the Grohe Spa collection. According to their needs, values, and style, six stories were created and translated into color and premium materials scenarios reflecting multi-sensory experiences ​that are soothing, memorable and distinctive.
The selections are adhered to tailor-made framed boards to enhance the feeling of a premium presentation.


Outcome & solution

Grohe Spa moves away from a functional look&feel and aims to translate the naming of the Spa line into every aspect. These boards helped define future directions on how a bathroom could evoke different emotions according to a color and materials palette

Due to the confidentiality of these CMF boards, we can not share more images at this time.

By teaming up with Eclectic Trends, we have identified future color and material trends. These CMF boards helped us to create some contexts and explain our strategy ahead!
Patrick Speck, VP of Design, Lixil Global Design