Arts&Crafts Association A-FAD

Trend Lecture

Trend Talk Arts&Crafts Festival Barcelona Gudy Herder

Arts&Crafts Association A-FAD


Trend Lecture: The new role of the Maker 2024/25

The client's brief

A-FAD requested to open the arts&crafts festival in Barcelona with a lecture to inform and inspire an audience operating at the interdisciplinary crossroads between art, crafts, design, innovation, technology and sustainability. The brief also asked to encourage looking for creativity and research outside.

Program & process

40 min. keynote + Q&A

Outcome & solution

Any maker needs to be in tune with what the market looks for today. It’s crucial to have consumer insights and be aware of their changed needs and values. But how do you pursue change without losing your signature or essence? And how to embrace tradition and innovation at the same time? The lecture covered three directions for any maker who aims to have a solid standing in answering consumer values. The lecture has been translated into a trend report and workbook (see

Gudy’s contribution is that of a high-level professional, both for the research work and the contents provided. I also want to highlight the impeccable presentation regarding the visuals and graphic support and her work as a keynote speaker. Your participation in CraftsNow has been a resounding 10 endorsed by a survey we conducted after the festival.
Lucia Bruni, board member A-FAD