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FRAME Magazine

Impulse Talk - Innovative Materials Boards To See & Touch

The Next Space Conference by FRAME Magazine

FRAME Magazine


  • Impulse Talk on 3 Lifestyle Trends 2023/24
  • Introducing innovative materials to go with these trends

The client's brief

Bringing a different spin to The New Adaptive Home topic of the conference.

Program & process

The Next Space, Frame Magazine’s second think tank event, was held in Madrid. This iteration zoomed in on the adaptive home, investigating how to make residences more flexible to our ever-changing needs and circumstances.

Gudy’s impulse talk, Leave No Trace, embraced a hands-on introduction to material trends and how to make spaces tactile, inhabitable and future-proof. The audience could see and touch the mentioned innovative materials on sample boards later and get involved in a tactile experience.

Outcome & solution

A sensorial experience after a lecture aims to anchor the learnings in a different way; the audience not only listens to material trends but can touch and understand these much better.

“Your talk was fantastic – you made such a valuable contribution to the programme. It was great to have you as part of our next step in shaping the future of spatial design!”
Lydia Johnson | FRAME
Frame-Madrid-2022-Eclectic-Trends-GIF ani