Grohe (and other Lixil brands)

Micro Trends + CMF + End Consumer Profiling

The creative executive Lixil team asks for a hands-on CMF session based on Macro & Micro Trends to advise stakeholders & partners on where they are heading in terms of design direction.

Grohe (and other Lixil brands)


  • Research of three Micro Trends 2023/24
  • Trend Lecture
  • Analysis & translation into clients’ brand philosophy
  • CMF Session
  • End consumer profiling, according to trend analysis

The client's brief

“Please inspire us with some hands-on experiences and some great CMF personas and materials we can later translate into hybrid experiences at trade shows, showrooms, corporate events and wherever we need a physical brand experience. Also, we need a creative tactile session away from our digital screens!”

Program & process

  1. 3 Micro Trends – Lecture + team exercises to anchor the information.
  2. Trend Lecture & Analysis – Presentation of the capsule reports in an interactive session that included breaking down the brand’s trend drivers and core messages.
  3. CMF Session – Inspirational session showing a few great CMF examples and explanation of material
  4. Six Concept Designs – Defining a modern and traditional persona (end consumer) for each trend.
Stepping out of our usual work routine to actively work and create with our hands is a fresh breeze to help us to reconnect with our creative mojo.

Outcome & solution

Lixil translated Stylus’ Macro Trends into tangible Micro Trends and transferred trend drivers into actual haptic manifestations for their brand. This was achieved by seeing colour and material possibilities outside their day-to-day business and exploring different design aesthetics that could fit in any of Lixil’s brand environments, be it digital or physical. Identifying shifting end consumer values and understanding functional and emotional attributes of materials and linking these to the trends.

Lixil-Barcelona-Eclectic-Trends-GIF - ani