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Trendsperience: Retail & Home Trends Session

Trend session with Ikea Prague ©Eclectic Trends



Trendsperience Session (3 days in Prague)

The client's brief

Ikea Prague asked to bring their creative teams from three countries together in one session: the Czechia, Hungary and Slovakia. The trendsperience session was aimed at bringing education, training and techniques. It also allowed their participants to stay away from the screen for three days and enjoy the first ‘in real life workshop experience’ after three years. The country management asked for a session on retail trends and also a deeper understanding of what topics or trends were essential within the home.

Program & process

  1. Retail Trends Session 2024
  2. Mood Board Workshop
  3. Home Trends 2024
  4. Translation of trends into an innovative project Ikea can translate into their stores

Outcome & solution

Six innovative projects to be translated in Ikea stores and beyond. The groups worked on creating a social hub for co-workers, pop-up stores promoting sustainable practices, new business divisions including co-working spaces within Ikea stores, a rental model, roadshows with re-purposed vans, etc. Everybody felt part of a group, energized and motivated to be part of the change.Their creativity was fueled during three days away from their computers and routines.

The most significant transformation we saw was witnessing how the confidence in their group projects would grow during and after the session. The Eclectic Trends team made that change possible, sensibly guiding the groups to think outside the IKEA box and use a collective mind. The team is eager to share the experience with others and use methodic for other projects. It was an absolute pleasure having you in Prague. Your visit has left us feeling incredibly inspired and creatively energized.
Lucie Záková – Home Furnishing Direction Leader at IKEA Prague