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How does experiential and conscious retail’s future look, and what are the four essential messages to implement?



  • A Report  Of 4 Retail Trends 2024
  • Materials Session To See &Touch Innovative Materials
  • The Future OF Mango Retail Store: Created On Concept Boards

The client's brief

The Spanish fashion brand MANGO was looking for an inspirational and collaborative retail trend session for their creative team. They wanted everyone to feel they were an active part of what was to come next for the brand. The session should open minds regarding the development of their current store concept The New Med, and how to keep up with competitors (or go further).

Program & process

A. 4 Retail Trends – Lecture + team exercises to anchor the information.

B. Construction of possible retail innovation scenarios for Mango. What else could we be?

C. Introduction to innovative materials to be used in interior design and architecture. Playful exercises to see, touch and smell the materials in the room.

D. Team creation and presentation of a new retail project for Mango using color palettes and innovative materials.


“We were impressed by the dedication ET put in developing an ad-hoc project for us, designing it adapted to our needs responding to the briefing but exceeding our expectations.”

Outcome & solution

Four stories and concept boards made up of images, color, materials & texts to represent Mango’s translation of the future of retail.

According to the Mango team, they were inspired by real and insightful knowledge. They could identify what was Mango-relevant from each trend, project or material discussed in the session. That knowledge was translated into several innovative projects they presented highly motivated.

We can see how the learnings we took from the session have impact in daily work decisions and also in the action plan we have created for our immediate future. We often hear people saying: “As we saw /said /did on the Eclectic Trends session.Also it had a very good impact for the human group, creating new bonds and breaking barriers inside the different teams who took part in the workshop. We were inspired through real and insightful knowledge, so everyone really kept and absorbed what was important from each trend, project or material discussed in the session. I think this is really powerful in a world where we are used to see tons of images and visual impacts without getting what is behind it.”
Mónica Caro Casarramona – Strategic and Functional Retail Design Specialist