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Trend Book (printed edition)



345 pages of Macro & Micro Trends within the Interior Design and Lifestyle industry.

The client's brief

Neolith asked for a trend study that could be translated into a printed trend book, including inspirational and educational aspects. The aimed target was professionals in the industry, but also end consumers searching for inspirational projects.
The book (4500 units in the first edition) is not for sale but will be handed out to showrooms, retailers, architects, interior designers, and the press. You can read more here.

Program & process

3 macro trends

6 micro trends

3 materials palettes

3 colour palettes

4 exclusive interviews with creative studios

20+ trend drivers for all trends

20+ media tips to continue learning

345 pages of inspiration, education, and resources



Outcome & solution

The one-year research and production, together with co-author Enric Pastor led to a one-of-a-kind book edition on the market and unique within Neolith’s industry.
The title Inspiring Living For Tomorrow invites any reader to see and read about optimistic projects that make our lives better, taking care of ourselves and others and establishing a new-found respect for our environment.
The book has been published in English, Spanish, and Chinese so far.

It is an incredibly beautiful and inspiring book that should be on every design studio’s bookshelf.
Silvana Catazine – Founder & Designer Naifactory