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Post Service, a facilitation studio for grief and nourishment

Facilitation Studio Post Service

In a nutshell, Post Service is a facilitation studio working with discussions around death, grief, and nourishment. According to its founder and coach, Xanthippi de Vito, MS, Death is a requirement of life. Grief is a catalyst for growth.

Constructive discussions around death and grief are rare. Individuals and communities are often left with a sense of uncertainty and fear around how to communicate and connect with these topics. How would the fabric of society shift if we could openly discuss taboo topics such as death and grief? How would that impact our collective mental health?

Xanthippi de Vito, MS

Post Service is a mental health studio dedicated to addressing this reality through art, design, mindfulness, and wellness techniques. Art and design serve as forms of nonverbal communication.

Each room was mindfully designed to evoke (and perhaps provoke) thought, feeling, and emotion.

As a client or participant of the space in programmed sessions, the facilitation studio encourages all participant to move through it, use it, observe its impact if any, and find a space within it that serves anybody best. they offer two infrared saunas, a movement room, an all inclusive discussion space, and a revelation room.

The 320 sqm studio was commissioned to Tableau, flower concept store turned full-service design studio and is located in Copenhagen.Through unusual material and form in a wellbeing facility, Tableau wanted the participants of post service to interact with the environment, objects, and themselves in an engaging way. Forms are not round only, and the colour range is not reduced to soft neutral and earthy tones, instead a brighter, energy infusing palette invites to experiment and fully express all that ails you in a safe space.

Facilitation Studio Post Service

Facilitation Studio Post Service

Facilitation Studio Post Service

Facilitation Studio Post Service

Facilitation Studio Post Service

Facilitation Studio Post Service

Facilitation Studio Post Service



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