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Prada Caffè: The intersection of fashion and fine dining

Prada Caffe interior Eclectic Trends

The Prada brand is known for its avant-garde, stylish, and innovative designs, and the Prada Caffè is no exception.

The Prada Caffè, which opened in London’s luxury department store, Harrods, is a pop-up café that replicates the interior of one of Milan’s oldest patisseries, Pasticceria Marchesi. The cafe’s interior is painted in Prada’s signature green hue, and it is adorned with floral reliefs, mouldings, and other decorative features that aim to evoke the look of Prada stores worldwide.

Prada Caffe entrance Eclectic Trends

Prada Green: The Color that Defines the Brand

The walls, ceilings, furniture, and architectural elements of the Prada Caffè are all hued in a minty green referred to as “Prada green” a colour that has become synonymous with the brand. The green hue is complemented by green velvet-upholstered soft furnishings, creating a cohesive and immersive brand experience.

Prada Caffe cafe area Eclectic Trends

A Marble Countertop that Showcases Prada’s Pastry Jewels

Upon entering the café, patrons are greeted by a large marble countertop decorated with textural, pebbled panelling at its base. The countertop is used to display Prada-branded patisseries that are presented like individual pieces of jewellery. The patisseries are designed to be as visually stunning as they are delicious, and the marble countertop is the perfect backdrop for showcasing them.

Prada Caffe pastry counter Eclectic Trends

A Nod to Milan: Black and White Checkered Floor Tiles

The floors of the Prada Caffè are clad in black and white checkered floor tiles, which pay homage to the floors of the Prada boutique located in Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The black and white colour scheme creates a stark contrast to the minty green walls and furniture, adding depth and texture to the space.

Prada Caffe interior Eclectic Trends

Elevated Seating and Secluded Rooms

The mezzanine level of the Prada Caffè is supported by green columns and is decorated with bowed balustrades. It is used as an elevated seating area overlooking the marble-wrapped patisserie counter, allowing patrons to take in the full splendour of the café. At the rear of the café, a secluded room continues the interior scheme. Here, green velvet booth seating surrounds the perimeter of the space beneath decorative floral relief walls, creating an intimate and luxurious atmosphere.

Prada Caffe interior London Eclectic Trends

A Table Setting Fit for Royalty

Tableware was selected specifically for the Prada Caffè and ranges from blue-hued Japanese porcelain, informed by ancient Celadon pottery and decorated with contrasting black lines, to blown-glass crystalware. To accompany the blown glassware and duck egg blue porcelain, silverware was engraved with Prada branding and features handle ends that are shaped like the brand’s triangular logo.

Prada Caffe Pastry Eclectic Trends

Experience the Prada Caffè

The Prada Caffè will remain at Harrods until January 2024, allowing patrons to immerse and indulge themselves in the visual and culinary delights of this unique and truly memorable space.

Prada Caffe exterior Eclectic Trends

Images courtesy of Prada

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