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The Pre-Launch of the Spring/Summer 19 Trend Report is up!

Pre-Launch of the Spring/Summer 2019 Trend Report | Eclectic Trends

The Pre-Launch of the Spring/Summer 2019 Trend Report is finally here! We have popped the cava a while ago after month of hard work; our S/S19 Trend Report on 3 Interior design & Lifestyle Trends sees its first light today.

And meanwhile, there are very few days to go until the final lunch (Monday, 26, 10am CET), you can book your copy already today. And if you do so, this is our treat for you:

As we usual do with first time launched products (please note we won’t repeat this discount for future S/S reports), it comes with very special conditions for a very limited amount of time.

You can save 30% of the regular price.

All you have to do is to action now. The offer expires on Sunday, 25 (11pm CET). On Monday, 26 (10 am) we will send you your full report and two additional bonus.


This report is for you if

  •  you want to learn how to stand out as a dynamic brand or designer

  • position yourself uniquely and powerfully to your ideal clients

  • grow your business in a way that’s in alignment with upcoming Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends

But more important, it depends on the actions you take, your attitude and your commitment. Getting involved in trends is a journey, and it starts to get effective the more consistent you are.

This digital trend report has been crafted during our biannual Trend Think Tank with the help of experts from different creative areas to set one general direction which we call the ONE BIG IDEA.

As a result, three Key Trends stand out which are represented through visuals, materialspattern and shape definitions, emotional & rational drivers, color palettes and color combinations that will help you to take design and communication decisions.

Not only will you gain insights on product and design, but understand what drives a large percentage of end consumers today who relate to any of these three trends.
Eclectic Trends



The most valuable part are the intros of the three trends since they explain you THE WHY behind each topic. And this is the brief you don’t get usually on blogs or print magazines. We provide a combination of our trend knowledge, vision, and ultimately, are sharing with you the bigger picture.


Once you understand the why, you are equipped

  • to explain to your team the upcoming trends in a clear and crisp way not necessarily needing key visuals

  • to design and take decisions according to these learnings

  • to understand your client and to speak to your client in a very different way

  • to separate different targets; trends are tailored to different consumer groups as you will read in our report

And this is what you get in a nutshell:

  1. 3 Key Trends


  3. + 70 Key Visuals

  4. 3 Color Palettes with NCS + Pantone Color Codes

  5. 14 Suggested Color Combinations

  6. Material, Shapes, Patterns Definitions

  7. Emotional & Rational Drivers

  8. Consumer Expectations (what designers and brands have to keep in mind)

  9. Translating Design Features (our recommendations for you)

  10. Worksheets For Your Own Translations

  11. Bonus Content I – Printable Worksheets to make the most out of it

  12. Bonus Content II – Additional Trend Inspiration


Pre-Launch SS19 Complete Trend Report | Eclectic Trends

You can see a few images and access to your special price on our Trend Report page now. We hope you might enjoy this Trend Report as much as we did when putting it together!


S/S 19 Trend Report



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