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Pre-sale starts today – Trend Report CEREMONY 2020/21

Trend Report Ceremony by Eclectic Trends

Let me explain first how the Trend Report CEREMONY 2020/21 came to life.

I guess we all can agree that our days have become more hectic. It doesn’t matter if you live in an urban area or the countryside.
If we don’t have a certain stress level that comes along with living in a larger city, we feel more pressure anyhow on different angles.

Social media demands a lot; we need to meet the objectives of our job, and it gets harder to find some me-time to recharge.

Does this sound familiar?

We knew at Eclectic Trends that stress and sleep disorders were increasing, and also that silence becomes the new luxury commodity.
But what might sound like a real social issue, is also creating much creative potential for new opportunities.

It’s been a fascinating research journey to discover the many innovative proposals and opportunities that are starting to play an essential role in the market.

After looking into more than 1000 projects in the field of Interior Design & Lifestyle, here comes the good news.

We identified four areas that will give you an excellent opportunity
to communicate and empathize with your audience on a different level.

And beyond the business purpose, we are 100% sure, you’ll find inspiration for your lifestyle, too.

And this is what makes CEREMONY 2020/21 special.  Anybody can somehow relate.

If you ever thought you’d like to find designs/exercises/services that could help you get more balanced, this is what this Trend Report is all about.

In case this could come across as such, please note, CEREMONY 2020/21 is not intended to work as a self-help book;)

Instead, we share

  • what ‘Meaningful Design’ is today and why it’s crucial to recognize how important it is to end consumers
  • how to understand your client and become a partner who helps and supports rather than sells only products and services
  • ideas and solutions for a rising mindful-oriented market



We learned a lot during our last survey from the community.
It was clear you were very interested in trend reports and everything related to color. We are happy to hear that!

But one of the requests was somewhat new to us.
You asked for more flexibility in getting access to the trend reports.

Since CEREMONY 2020/21 was already in the making, we have discussed how to make that possible.

Do you remember the newsletter I wrote about my last mind-opening business learnings which were about the fact that resting is as essential as working? Easy to say, a lot harder to practice;) CEREMONY2020/21 is responsible for taking that three weeks summer break. The investigation was a gift and my consciousness has changed a lot about what feels good. (The team feels very similar, we shared a conversation between us here.)

When I was two weeks into my vacation,
I had this light bulb moment.

What if the Trend Report CEREMONY 2020/21 comes both in a more extended and shorter version?
After studying the possibilities, today we’d like to offer you two editions:


Trend Report Ceremony by Eclectic Trends

Complete Version:

216 pages + 3 bonuses
Thought for anybody interested in a more in-depth study intending to translate the insights into future products and services with the help of more colorspecific information and materials proposals.


Trend Report Ceremony by Eclectic Trends

Downsized Version:
118 pages + 1 bonus
Thought for any creative/marketer/curious mind who wants to be updated and understand what a mindful-driven market is asking for in the next two years to come.


We hope you like the new option. We have even a bundle version for a few days you will find when clicking on the Early Bird Special button.

PRE-SALES start today


You can find the complete and shortened version of the Trend Report CEREMONY 2020/21 with a special price until October 09, 1 pm (GMT+1). The Trend Report drops on October 09 at 3 pm.*

*You will have to wait until that day but this is what pre-sales are about, right;)

Please share if you consider the special prices could be of someone’s interest. We appreciate it!



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