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[Pre-Sale] How To Create A Mood Board As A Business Tool

Pre- Sale How to Create A Mood Board As A Business Tool Online Program

Create A Memorable Client’s Experience In A 3-Step Program



Today is a special day because the knowledge I’ve been practiced, cherished, and shared for many years with so many creative souls finally sees the light all bundled as an online course. Isn’t it amazing when you see all your experience in one place? This digital era can be really gratifying. I believe this is the perfect timing, not that this was planned as a strategy (we recorded most of the content already in 2019).


But can you think of a better moment of collaboration with your environment when it comes from a perspective of creating a memorable experience?


This online training is for you if :




You know we are entering a decade where more empathic dialogues need to be created. A haptic mood board offers a different kind of discussion.


You get stuck in taking decisions during creative processes. We all live in a moment of visual over-stimulation and need tools to get to conclusions.


You are already moodboarding from a perspective of intuition and would like to improve your skills with some more strategy.


You are considering to find ways to stand out on a competitive market and go that extra mile your audience will acknowledge and appreciate.



A haptic mood board is an activator and solution-driven tool.


Its one of a kind character helps to 


✔️organize any creative process

✔️evoke sensorial stimulation 

✔️create a memorable experience


These features lead to a richer communication with anyone who participates.

The program is a direct translation of the one-day masterclass you can attend in Barcelona (even a bit more of content), and here go a few lovely comments on students who have attended this program:


“Gudy is that rare mix of highly commercially aware AND immensely creatively gifted. As a business owner who wanted to re-design my website and bring more of my personality into my business visuals, she was exactly the kind of professional I needed to help me facilitate that translation perfectly.
If you get the chance to work with her in any capacity – her online course, her workshops, or 1:1 grab the chance with both hands – The results will positively benefit both your bottom line and your creative kudos as a business owner!”
Rikke Hansen



The first online course was published in 2015, it has sold to more than 80 countries, and more than 2.000 students have passed through the online and offline programs. There is more demand recently, and students confirm we all need to go back to touching and feeling color and materials.

Pre- Sale How to Create A Mood Board As A Business Tool Online Program

The 3-step methodology you’ll find in How To Create A Mood Board As A Business Tool is designed to be a business course that gives you tools to communicate differently, and as a consequence, it helps to sell your projects/proposals.

You’ll learn:


How to ANALYZE your project before you start so it gets easy to decide which materials go on your mood board


Ten composition techniques to mood board with knowledge and intention. You’ll be able to create harmony and/or tension on your future boards.


A communication formula that gives you a guideline (and confidence) when presenting your ideas in a pre-project phase.


Attending this masterclass program has been one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only I’ve been able to gain profound knowledge in the mood board technique, which helps to make my presentations much more creative and visually attractive; but I feel that the technique helps me focus and create the foundation for a solid and structured base.
I like my projects to tell a story. I feel I can convey my intention in a much clearer, simpler, and more emotional way. It has really been a very transformative experience on a professional and personal level.”
Estefania Lusquiños



If you consider yourself an early adopter or early bird, check the course page and the special rate.

Please note these essential changes on Monday, 15 at 3 pm:

  • the course will be uploaded and available on the course platform (Teachable)

  • the price changes to the regular rate

  • the starter course we offered for years will be taken down

If you have any questions, please drop us a line.


Would you like to see the new online course in detail?



How about some extra inspiration?

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