Say hello to the materials of tomorrow!

The Future of Materiality is at your fingertips :)

The innovative and sustainable materials industry is vast and constantly evolving.

It’s not easy to keep up-to-date; trust us, we understand the struggle.

With our daily routines, who has time to research, to attend trade shows, or search for eco-friendly solutions?

So, how can you stay ahead?

Imagine having the knowledge and the expertise to revolutionize your creative projects, stand out as a materials expert, and leave a lasting impact not only on your designs but (and wouldn’t that be nice) on the world.

Introducing our new
THINK TANK of Innovative Materials.

We have designed an one-of-a-kind experience that filters out the overwhelming noise surrounding material sustainability and focuses on what you need to know today to embrace the role of becoming the “Materialist of Tomorrow.

THE program


Discover three CMF trends (Color, Material, Finishing) for 2025, and understand how they can and why they should be incorporated into your designs.


We will introduce you to bio-based and waste materials and show you how to apply these.


Get real hands-on experience with the materials. Touch, smell and create creative proposals.


Engage in a lively discussion with industry experts and peers to explore new ideas and approaches to material use. We want to Think and Discuss how sustainable materials can be applied in our practice.


We have a guest speaker who works with innovative ideas in the textile field. Her solutions are not only pragmatic but also poetic and deeply organic. 

The materials shown in the images are no conclusive selection for the masterclass.

Think Tank of Innovative Materials by Gudy Herder

It has been truly revealing for me to see Gudy in action. To understand how trends are born and why… and to get to know these in-depth through the projects of the artists who are revolutionizing the sector right now. It’s incredibly refreshing and nourishing to listen to her talk, something I will definitely repeat from now on whenever I can! 

Patricia Bustos

Founder and Creative Director at Patricia Bustos Studio 

guest speaker

Clara Sullà

What’s included?

Get ready to experience materials in a whole new way!

Engaging learning: 

Our workshop keeps you actively involved, ensuring that you not only understand but also apply the material trends, see case studies, and learn how to de-code the confusing material vocabulary.


Explore a wide array of materials in our masterclass. Touch, smell, and experience; the aim is to gain a new perspective on what materials can do for us and how they can contribute to our well-being.

Our guest speaker, textile artist Clara Sullà, will also lead us through the fascinating world of acoustic comfort in a tactile session.

Sustainable Materials

We will look at innovative materials but also have a  very clear focus on the field of sustainable materials. The idea is to discuss how you see the application in your business, the demand from your customers, and your needs in this field.

Valuable connections:

Connect with your peers by sharing knowledge and experiences and reflecting on different topics. After all, this is a Think Tank!

bonus: oUR GIFT TO YOU!

We’re tactile advocates, and we’re pretty sure you are too :)

This is why we include a carefully curated (and might we add) beautiful sample box filled with cutting-edge, emerging, and innovative materials that will inspire, challenge, and transform your creative thought processes. 

Think of it as your very own toolkit to becoming the materialist of tomorrow. And you’ll take it home with you!

The process

How to enroll today?


Upon your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email. Feel free to contact us if you prefer a bank transfer.


The details

We will send you four weeks prior to the session detailed information about the venue, how to prepare yourself for the session, and all necessary details.



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The right fit

We understand that time is a rare treasure in the fast-paced world of design, and if you find yourself falling behind, this session is the ultimate shortcut to material mastery.

And if you know us, you know that 

We’ll make sure to give you tools  (physical materials to take home)and  insights (hello trends lovers) to stay at the forefront of innovation so you can emerge from this experience with newfound confidence and valuable skills.

Ready to embark on a journey of cutting-edge materials discovery?

Our session
is the first step.

When: 24.05.2024; one-day program (English)

10 AM – 6 PM CET

Where: Barcelona, Spain

347  (incl. VAT 419,87 )
INNOVATIVE MATERIALS to discover in the room
box full of materials to take home
material trends
hours of learning and sharing insights

This session will help you:

This workshop is tailored for product designers, interior designers, architects, color and materials experts, and all creatives  who love hands-on learning, interactive group experiences, and, most importantly, fun!

It’s for those who want to touch, feel, and explore innovative materials, position themselves as experts in future material trends, and step beyond their comfort zones to embrace new products and their unique and meaningful stories.

(It is NOT designed to equip you with full technical knowledge nor to train you on sustainability strategies and laws, but brings you a step closer.)


If you need further support, please get in touch with us at

Anyone with a passion for design and a desire to learn about sustainable materials and materials trends. Whether you’re a seasoned designer, an aspiring creative, or just curious about the topic, this workshop is for you. We have a theoric part, exercises, a round table, trend lecture, and much more to offer.

The one-day session will be a mix of lectures, hands-on activities, and group discussions, all facilitated by an expert instructor with a wealth of experience in trends and materiality.

Eclectic Trends specializes on Interior Design and Lifestyle. Expect to learn about materials that can be used for product design, architecture, interior design, and textiles, however, we do not focus on fashion.

We’ll be delving into a range of materials, from natural fibers to bio-based materials, recycled matter, industrial waste, and more. 

No, they are not. Please trust that we will work with a great variety of materials frangles.

Attending Electric Trends’ Think Tank has truly been a transformative journey for me. Gudy’s nurturing environment fosters fearless exploration, encouraging us to push boundaries and reimagine possibilities. This masterclass has not only broadened my creative horizons but also instilled in me a newfound confidence in experimenting with cutting-edge materials shaping today’s market. I eagerly anticipate embracing Gudy’s visionary approach in my future endeavors, eager to uncover fresh perspectives and reinterpret the world around me.

Cesar Carcaboso

Textile Designer and Co-Founder Santa Living

Unleash your inner eco-innovator with our 

Innovative Materials Session!

347  (incl. VAT 419,87 )