Colors that you can feel.
Touchable Tones
Laminated colors (complete collection)

Welcome to our community of folks who understand the value of working out ideas here in the analog world. Nothing against
the digital world, but there’s something magical about using your hands to work with materials and colors.
And that’s why this box is full of:)

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The Touchable Tones color box is a limited edition curated for anybody who wants to work differently with color.

Any color expression on a mood board is powerful; our aim was to bring you a durable material that does not bend and has a long durability.



  • 25 color samples laminated on wood fibers (melamine).



  • 25 samples of 10 x 14,5 cm
  • 3 mm thick


Color names (English – Spanish)

  • biscuit – biscuit
  • yellow sun – amarillo sol
  • black
  • talcum rose – rosa talco
  • clay green – verde arcilla
  • storm grey – gris tormenta
  • vesubio grey – gris vesuvio
  • mineral grey – mineral grey
  • sage green – verde salvia
  • terracotta nova – terracota nova
  • cloud rose – rosa nube
  • oxford green – verde oxford
  • eco green – verde ecológico
  • red – rojo
  • sarela grey – gris sarela
  • lilac – lila
  • pompeii yellow – amarillo pompeya
  • white Sr209
  • calcium grey – gris calcio
  • apricot fruit
  • handy blue – azul handy
  • sand – arena
  • olive green – verde oliva
  • aqua blue
  • talcum blue – azul talco



  • matte



The melamine collection is suitable for decorative and technical projects for furniture design, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Further specifications:

These samples come colored on wood fibers (MDF). You will find a reference code and provider information (Finsa Group) on the back.

Limited Edition:

Once sold out, this limited edition and complete collection of 25 pieces will not return to the shop.


  • Color might look slightly different on the samples than on the images.
  • The box does not include occasional Pantone swatches or other elements, as seen in the gallery images.
  • Please note we are not responsible for the stock availability the provider (Finsa Group) might have if you want to order collections you have found in the box.


We love your color boxes, the Touchable Tones are just that, you want to stroke them! They are useful for so many things and much easier to work with than tiny Pantone swatches.

Justine Miller, founder BrandSpace

147  (incl. VAT 177,87 )

In stock

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