Recycled Rubber: Refined Accessories by Slash Objects

Eclectic Trends | Recycled Rubber accessories by Slash Objects

This is why we’d like to share the refined recycled rubber accessories by Slash Objects:

1// In a nutshell:

Recycled rubber is the key element of the poetics of Slash Objects, an investigation of material and form by multidisciplinary design firm Slash Projects. Since its launch in 2016, Arielle Assouline-Lichten, Slash Projects’ founder, has been working with the industrial material creating home objects and accessories. Her latest work has been recently showcased for Sight Unseen Offsite at Retrosuperfuture shop, that was transformed into a black rock garden to present the designer’s Co-Exist collection of sophisticated post-industrial products for the home.

Eclectic Trends | Recycled Rubber accessories by Slash Objects

Eclectic Trends | Recycled Rubber accessories by Slash Objects


Eclectic Trends | Recycled Rubber accessories by Slash Objects

Eclectic Trends | Recycled Rubber accessories by Slash Objects

Eclectic Trends | Recycled Rubber accessories by Slash Objects

2// What draw our attention the most:

Slash Objects collection ‘Coexist’ consists of unique, statement pieces created through the juxtaposition of stone, metals and unexpected material as rubber: it represents an investigation how materials come together to create beautiful objects. Recycled rubber is extensively used in the collection: “It’s so high-performance and so durable, but it’s also super tactile, has this very distinct texture, and is pretty pleasing to the eyes,” as Arielle Assouline-Lichten explains.

Central to this collection is the way pieces are intersecting and the way pieces are held in place by one another – each material is integral to the whole: the Coexist Standing Mirror is comprised of a marble cube, which holds a brass framed mirror seamlessly in place. Recycled rubber is due in the backside of the mirror, adding a tactile yet surprising element to the composition.

Rubber CYL side table, which is a cylindrical table that fuses recycled rubber, brass and concrete together.

Also the setting of the installation is particularly important in this case. Inspired by karesansui, the Japanese rock garden, small mountains of shredded tires and recycled rubber are located on site as a reminiscence of the rocks placed traditionally in these gardens. Their aim is to guide the visitor in the discovery of these sophisticated objects, in a dialogue between the simple geometric beauty of the objects and the unstructured “post-industrial rocks”.

3// The bigger picture

Plastic and its use is becoming more and more often part of the design materials vocabulary, as you may have noticed if you follow our Creative Waste series. We recently presented Rubdish, an investigation about the transformation of waste into a positive evocative image by designer Diederik Schneemann and photographer Aldwin van Krimpen.

Also, as we mentioned in one of our 2018 Milan Design Week highlights posts, Rossana Orlandi, launched a project – the “guiltless plastic” initiative aimed at changing the perception of plastic and ensuring the material is used responsibly.

How about some extra inspiration?

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