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Resonate LightVision is remastering the world of immersive meditation

resonate lightvision

Resonate LightVision is a meditation headset for US startup Resonate.

The headset features an LED light matrix that allows powerful meditation to be attained simply and effortlessly, regardless of the level of experience.

In a world where we are increasingly exposed to stressors – from the recent pandemic to constant screen time – this kind of immersive meditation is an interesting development in the world of well-tech and more important and relevant than ever before.

Resonate LightVision


“In this world, mindfulness and meditation is more relevant than ever before. Finding the time to practice or to obtain the knowledge and experience needed to practice efficiently, however, is no easy task. Resonate LightVision allows you to quickly reach a deep meditative state effortlessly”

How does it work?

The headset features an LED light matrix that translates videos of the natural world into an ever-changing sequence of biomorphic patterns that are visible through closed eyes and proven to activate the brain’s frequency-following response.

The soft and welcoming design of the Resonate LightVision headset sets a new standard for meditation, with a calming, minimal design language that encourages a restful state of mind before the product is even in use.

How does it look?

LightVision has a minimalist design with an exterior casing that was developed to follow the contours of the user’s face to create complete immersion.

The casing of LightVision softens the high-tech product and creates a tactile experience, while the seamlessly integrated, adjustable strap is elevated by metallic branding details that evoke the design language of jewellery.

These details bring the tech accessory closer to a piece of fashion.

The question is… would you try it?

According to studies conducted by Resonate, users report a 51% decrease in stress and anxiety levels after a single 20-minute Resonate session.

Typically we associate meditation as a way to escape from our tech-surrounded everyday lives, Hubert believes the solution could be to refocus the technology that we use, rather than avoid it

What do you think? 

resonate lightvision

resonate lightvision

resonate lightvision

resonate lightvision

resonate lightvision

Images courtesy of Design Studio Layer 

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