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Pantone’s Color of the Year 2024 is Peach Fuzz

The much-anticipated Color Of The Year 2024 by Pantone is revealed.

Color Forecast 2024 - Dulux Australia

Would you like to have the three color palettes as a downloadable document?

Color Symphony Fall 2024

Would you like to have this color palette as a downloadable document? You will learn WHY we included these colors …

Jotun 2024

We are introducing “Canvas,” Jotun’s latest color palette for 2024 in one pdf.

JOTUN 2023

Three palettes, 21 colors, 18 images in one document. You might want to use the hues for any creative project that is elegant, timeless, yet contemporary.


In this eBook you will learn who decides which color makes it into the new Color of the Year, how the process works, its duration, and the biggest misconception Pantone still faces all these years.


CMF 2025-Politopia-Imm Cologne edition

to dive


Our Color, Material, and Finish report for 2025 enables you and your creative team to make informed decisions that align with both design aesthetics and innovative materials considerations.


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