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Restaurant ÄNG is a culinary experience that engages all senses.

Norm Architects restaurant ÄNG seating lounge area

Restaurant ÄNG sits as a solitary diamond in the undulating fields of Ästad Vingård – one of Sweden’s most extensive vineyards.

The partly underground Michelin-starred restaurant with a spectacular glasshouse entrance in the middle of the lush field is designed by Norm Architects and furnished by Japanese Karimoku to create an exciting interplay between architecture, food, wine, interiors, and art that makes for a balanced and harmonious 19-course haute-cuisine experience.

Norm Architects restaurant ÄNG exterior

The Experience

The experience of ÄNG starts even before you step inside – walking through the lush meadow with crops and grasses on both sides of the winding pathway leading guests to the sparkling glasshouse that stands as a modern and refined interpretation of a greenhouse turned inside out.

An iron structure on the inside stands like a prism in the middle of the field; Utterly sharp and smooth, mirroring the surroundings.

Taking its name from the surrounding meadows, the new ÄNG explores both the surface and the deeper parts of the Swedish landscape as the souterrain view of the wetlands adds even more peace of mind.


“We hope to give every guest a long pause, leaving everything else behind, and just enjoy the ÄNG universe. It is truly a beautiful place to look at and spend time in, but it is also a place of discovery for the guest and ourselves.

 Daniel Carlsson, CEO & Partner, Ästad Vingård, Restaurang ÄNG


Closing in on the glass house, a small herb garden out front discloses the local touch and approach to the culinary experience you’re about to have.

A protective hedge reveals a limited glimpse of a nearby lake but allows you to maintain focus right where you are.

Norm Architects restaurant ÄNG exterior lounge area with views

Serving as a subtle indicator of the strong connection between ÄNG and the sur- rounding nature, the outside stone flooring continues inside as you pull the heavy glass door open and continue the journey.

The impression of the glass house is light and lush as you walk past an open kitchen with a grounding stone counter and bespoke artworks with an organic form language.

Norm Architects restaurant ÄNG seating lounge area

As you sit down in refined lounge furniture by Japanese Karimoku in solid wood with visible woodworking details and soft upholstery, while still having a feeling of sitting in the middle of the field with nothing but clear skies above your head, it is evident how the space dwells on the interplay between nature and culture, capturing the spirit of the unique locus.

Norm Architects restaurant ÄNG interior landscape views


“The fundamental ambition behind the Michelin-starred Restaurant ÄNG is in many ways in line with Norm Architects’ design philosophy of striking a delicate balance between all the sensory experiences that make up a space to create a harmonious setting, where all elements support one another.”

Peter Eland, Norm Architects


As the evening moves along, the guests will be led to a hidden elevator, temporarily ending the bright summer evening, as it slowly escorts you underground and you step out into a dark catacomb-like wine cellar with a subdued feeling and sparkling wines of own production as well as high-end French labels.

Norm Architects restaurant ÄNG cellar


“To stay sharp and thoroughly enjoy every serving, you need new stimuli. Something that awakens you and refreshes your mind.”

Daniel Carlsson, CEO & Partner, Ästad Vingård, Restaurang ÄNG


The evening ends back in the glass house, where the experience comes full circle as the sun has now set and the desserts are being served.

ÄNG truly is a venue enabling both guests and staff to explore, learn, elaborate and create new memories.

Norm Architects restaurant ÄNG interior area

Norm Architects restaurant ÄNG glass facade

Photography: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

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