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Results from our last Instagram survey

Instagram survey Rituals Eclectic Trends

We launched a few questions in an Instagram survey during the campaign of our latest trend report CEREMONY 2020/21 to check if our readers would be in tune with other researches we had been studying already and gain a few consumer insights, too.

Here go the results of four questions of our Instagram survey. Can you relate?

 1. Do you celebrate any ritual?


Instagram survey Rituals Eclectic Trends

Mauli Rituals


2. What kind of rituals have you integrated into your life?

  1. Daily morning dry scrub/regular massages

  2. Give thanks to my altar and receive energy back

  3. A cup of morning tea/teatime

  4. Breathing exercises throughout the day

  5. Meditation

  6. Journalling

  7. Walking my dog in silence

  8. Working with my inner compass/oracle cards

  9. Tidying up/Uncluttering my home as a way to feel better


3. How much average sleep do you get per night?


1-4 hours: 10%

4-6 hours: 30%

6-8 hours: 60%


4. Can you share a reason for less or sometimes poor sleep?

  1. Lack of silence

  2. I have small children

  3. Too much head noise

  4. Late dinner is not helpful :)

  5. I could have a new mattress

The order is of no importance, this is just how answers were popping in for 24 hours (same counts for 2.).

The reason why we had asked these questions is that CEREMONY 2020/21 shows how Health is understood in a different way now.

We wanted to see how this term influences life in your homes. Sleep, rituals, social life, mindfulness – these are new concepts that we integrate into a more holistic concept when we refer to Health now.

Only check IKEA’s new catalog cover: it shows a bed scene, and this is no coincidence. They have even come up with a new hashtag >> #worklifesleepbalance. Also, the German market has issued a helpful Sleep Guide you can download as a pdf. In it, you can get medical advice, read about sleep myth, get advice on what works for good sleep, which are the sleep killers, and I personally believe their eight points manifesto is great.

The answers we received reflect 100% of our trend study and we’re very happy to see common value reflected in our readers!

We didn’t aim to bring a full holistic trend report on the market but show how a more holistic approach will be integrated in our way of living, both inside and outside our homes. The question is how have brands to adapt to offer messages, services, and products that speak to this audience?

What does this mean in terms of colors? And can we define Spirituality in a new way? What is Mindful Design?


If you have participated in our survey, thank you very much. If not, and still like to (we appreciate):

Is there anything you would add to these four questions? We’d love to hear below in the comment section👇and will update then in this same post.


PD: Please find more information about our trend report CEREMONY 2020/21 in case you’d like to learn more, right here.


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