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Rita Osipova: The Archaeology of Our Time

Rita Osipova Eclectic Trends poster collection the SHIFTING PERSPECTIVE

In an era of rapid digitalization, the reign of city posters is drawing to a close. The layers of information that once adorned urban walls will soon fade away, leaving behind an overlooked anthropological treasure.

Rita Osipova, a curator of contemporary culture, has taken it upon herself to salvage these ephemeral fragments and breathe new life into them.

Rita Osipova bio picture Eclectic Trends

By sculpting street posters from cities like Berlin, London, Paris, and Rotterdam into archaeological artifacts, Osipova merges the form language of ancient Greece with modern sensibilities. What is often dismissed as trash today could become the unique heritage of tomorrow. Introducing her collection SHIFTING PERSPECTIVE. 

Rita Osipova Eclectic Trends poster collection the SHIFTING PERSPECTIVE


The Ancient Legacy of Communication

In ancient Greece, vessels served as conduits of daily life, conveying messages about celebrations, sports, and agriculture. In a similar vein, Osipova, a craftivist at heart, takes the ancient language of her forebears and infuses it with contemporary archaeological information. The result is a collection of new vessels that not only preserve cultural heritage but also present it in an unconventional manner.

The Ephemeral Nature of Free Information

Have you ever thought about how temporary the free information in our cities is? Posters for festivals, concerts, and exhibitions, which used to cover walls everywhere, may soon vanish completely. Osipova prompts us to reflect on our role as “unknown humans of the present” who casually add one advertisement on top of another out of sheer boredom.


But what if the importance of these traces goes unnoticed until it’s too late?


Preserving the Present for the Future

As the world hurtles towards an increasingly digital future, it becomes crucial to recognize the value of our present artifacts before they vanish forever. Rita Osipova’s visionary approach invites us to contemplate the cultural significance of street posters, transforming them into contemporary archaeological finds. By doing so, she not only bridges the gap between ancient and modern, but also raises awareness about the potential heritage contained within these seemingly disposable materials.

The archaeology of our time is an enchanting endeavor, a means to explore the layers of information that shape our daily lives. Rita Osipova’s artistic vision breathes new life into what might otherwise be forgotten, transforming street posters into unique artifacts. As we navigate the future, may we remember the importance of preserving our present for the generations to come.

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Rita Osipova Eclectic Trends poster collection the SHIFTING PERSPECTIVE

Rita Osipova collecting posters from the city streets eclectic trends

Rita Osipova Eclectic Trends poster collection the SHIFTING PERSPECTIVEImages courtesy of Rita Osipova 

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