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Salone de Mobile 2017: Favorite Finds of Day 4

Ciao from Milano, it’s Anastasia here again with alluring finds from the Salone del Mobile for you. I must confess, when Gudy asked me to share 5 Top Finds from the Salone each day, I thought five finds were enough. Turns out, there is no number to fit all of the mind-blowing inspiring finds that I spot here on a daily basis! Truth is, I would love to share almost a million inspiring exhibitions and details with you when I am not as lost for words and have digested this massive wave of inspiration. In the meantime I would love to share some more astonishing details with you, stay tuned for more …



Salone del Mobile 2017-Favorite finds Day 4-Eclectic Trends

These exhuberant, larger-than-life flowers seem to have grown naturally, driven by the same force that enables tiny, delicate sprouts to push through asphalt paving or edge their way up from beneath solid concrete slabs.
Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen for Mondcraft



Do I need to say more?

AUTHOR: Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen

TITLE: Starting all over again

SEEN AT: Mindcraft

Salone del Mobile 2017-Favorite finds Day 4-Eclectic Trends


In my summary of Day 3  I have already mentioned that details from Art Nouveau are being picked up and utilized in a beautiful contemporary way. This is only one of the examples like botanical ornaments can be translated into interiors. I am swooning over those tiles by Bosa.


TITLE: Tiles at Bosa

SEEN AT:  Fairground HALL 16 – STAND E 39

Salone del Mobile 2017-Favorite finds Day 4-Eclectic Trends

Without a doubt, there is no Salone without Studio Pepe. I spotted these shining pieces from their collaboration with Gallotti & Radice.

AUTHOR: Studio Pepe

TITLE: Brass installations

SEEN AT:  Gallotti & Radice Fairground Hall 5 Stand C12


Salone del Mobile 2017-Favorite finds Day 4-Eclectic Trends

The use of complementary colors like green and red never looses it’s appeal, like here at Wittmann.

AUTHOR: Wittmann

TITLE: Booth design at Wittmann

SEEN AT: Salone del Mobile, Hall 5, Booth CO5


Sometimes the light can be challenging at furniture fairs and sometimes it creates truly beautiful shadows. These reflections of light and shadows of palm trees created a ‚Californian‘ light sculpture on the ceiling at Fritz Hansen Showroom. Most probably not intended, but a piece of art on it’s own.

Salone del Mobile 2017-Favorite finds Day 4-Eclectic Trends

TITLE: I call it Californian dreaming

SEEN AT: Fritz Hansen , Brera District

I can’t wait of for another and last sunny day here in Milan. Happy Design Week!


The Milan Trend Report 2017 is out! It is the largest to date we have produced with 100 Home and Lifestyle Projects.



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