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We did the identification of trends for you. The Salone del Mobile16 Ebook is out!

Salone del Mobile 2016-The Complete Report

The Salone del Mobile 2016 Report is finally here!

And it comes packed with the latest news on Interior Design for the upcoming 12 month so you can plan accordingly your upcoming product launches.

We are going to cover from now on Eclectic Trends what we believe are the most relevant design events with written digital reports you can receive as an e-book.

Salone del Mobile 2016 Report-The Complete Sum-Up is NOW available!

Over the past two years we have received many requests on publishing a comprehensive report where to find a good sum-up on the Salone del Mobile which takes place every April in Milan, not having to surf countless hours on the internet collecting different articles without getting the big picture of an event that features more than 1.400 exhibitors at the fairground and 1.000 installations at the Off-Salone.

This report is thought for

  • design aficionados
  • product developers
  • decision makers

who want to be informed about the latest Furniture Launches, Micro Trends, Color Palettes, Fun Projects, Top Installations throughout the Off-Salone, my personal Favorite Find, and much more.

It’s the largest report I have ever put together. The main idea was about getting all relevant information in ONE single document with an expert voice on what is going on in the Interior Design world.

The ebook comes packed with 150 pages full of inspiring and useful content!

Since we believe in useful tools,  you can use it as a workbook, too. It is designed with enough space to take notes, reflect on the information you just read through and plan on new projects.

Get your Salone del Mobile Report now!

UPDATE 24.5. 2016: We have added two extra bonus we believe are giving even more value to this report:

1// All main characteristics are gathered in one KEYWORD CLOUD so you can understand at a first glance what is going on in the Interior Design World now and up-to-date for the upcoming 12 month.

2// And there is an additional library of FREE RESOURCES on trend posts for you to read further and get more in-depth information, all related to chapters we talk about in our report.

The Salone del Mobile 2016 Trend Report is a must for any design related professional thanks to its clarity and effectiveness in defining the key elements for each upcoming trend.I found particularly useful the Cloud Words linked to the selection of representative projects. They are a great tool at the beginning of the creative process of a new project  as they help to provoke new ideas that are aware of nowadays reality. The selection helps to focus and investigate outstanding works whose poetics can inspire and enrich the design work.
Elena Gadin-Facing North With Gracia

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