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Salone de Mobile 2017: Favorite Finds of Day 1

Salone del Mobile 2017-Favorite finds Day 1-Eclectic Trends

Before I will start my report from Salone del Mobile in Milan, I would love to shortly introduce myself – my name is Anastasia (if you area newsletter subscriber, you might have read official presentation already last week) and I feel very lucky to be part of the Eclectic Trends team now. A while back, Gudy and I have started working together and this week I will be taking my role as a Senior Content Creator very seriously, as I will report daily from the Salone in Milan. I will start sharing with you some favorite finds of day 1 which was press day. Be prepared for a eclectic mix of spectacular lifestyle finds and gorgeous insights on new designs. Not only is this the first report for me, but this is also the first time visiting the Salone, so I truly hope, that I can transport the sparks of inspiration to wherever you are right now.

Favorite finds of day 1:

The Second edition of the collective exhibition by PS and by the Roman gallery Secondome is held inside a popular house of Milan, in Via Cesare Correnti 14. A selection of designers and artisans will be able to interact with the history of the spaces in pursuit of research and matter applications. Indeed, many projects represent a shift from two-dimension to three-dimension, by transforming surfaces and typical upholstery materials into pieces of furniture and objects. The shift in dimensions is the core of 2017 selection and symbol of the new trend.

The Ladies and Gentlemen exhibition starts with these spectacular staircases, what a beautiful surroundings for presenting new designs:

 Salone del Mobile 2017-favorite finds day 1-Eclectic Trends

Impressive antique staircase at Ladiesandgentlemen – these stair lead up to design heaven!

Salone del Mobile 2017-favorite finds day 1-Eclectic Trends

This  blushing display makes my heart beats faster, what a gorgeous way for presentation

SEEN AT: Ladies & Gentlemen

DESIGN BY:  Chiara Andreatti 

Salone del Mobile 2017-favorite finds day 1-Eclectic Trends

What a beautiful example for bold metalworks.

TITLE: Honey Bee Vase & Half Moon Dining Table

SEEN AT: Ladies & Gentlemen

DESIGN BY:  Bohinc Studio

Salone del Mobile 2017-favorite finds day 1-Eclectic Trends

Ladies and Gentlemen had an exquisite selection of designers, and I will start with the gorgeous vase for Botteganove covered with the gorgeous Plumage tiles.

TITLE: Plumage Vase

SEEN AT: Ladies & Gentlemen

DESIGN BY:  Cristina Celestino (remember the Happy Room she did for Fendi?)

Salone del Mobile 2017-favorite finds day 1-Eclectic Trends

Looking at these designs, makes me think about our recent article about Neo Camouflage, hoping to see more of this trend here on Salone.

TITLE: Fabscarte

SEEN AT: Ladies & Gentlemen

DESIGN BY:  Collaboration with Martyn Thomson and Studio Blanco 

We are back tomorrow with our favorite finds of day 2.

The Milan Trend Report 2017 is out! It is the largest report to date we have produced featuring 100 Home and Lifestyle Projects.



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