Salone del Mobile 2017: Favorite Finds Day 5

Salone del Mobile 2017-Favorite finds Day 5-Eclectic Trends


Ciao from Milano, it’s Anastasia again with the last report from the Salone del Mobile 2017. I am a little bit sad, that this incredible week is coming to an end. I wish,  I could spend so many more days here and also show you all the numerous things that I have experienced here during the Design Week, but unfortunately our time here is limited. I will see you soon with many more interesting projects, until then, I am sharing my last Top 5 Finds with you here.



Salone del Mobile 2017-Favorite finds Day 5-Eclectic Trends

This post is one of my favorites, as it presents some of the greatest exhibitions from the Design Week. This detail above shows a lounge chair at the Studio Dimore, the luxurious fabrics and the sophisticated usage of colors created an overall sensual atmosphere.

AUTHOR: Dimore Studio

TITLE: Lounge Chair

SEEN AT: Dimore Studio, Brera


Salone del Mobile 2017-Favorite finds Day 5-Eclectic Trends

Close to Dimore Studio, in the Design District Brera, Studio Pepe styled a whole apartment. Called ‚The Visit‘ you can experience their brand new designs, be prepared for some more pictures from the inside, but I really loved the neon lights that led to the apartment.

AUTHOR: Studio Pepe 

TITLE: The Visit

SEEN AT: Studio Pepe, Brera


Salone del Mobile 2017-Favorite finds Day 5-Eclectic Trends

The Blank Hotel is a room from ‚White in the City‘ designed by Caberlon Caroppi it is a prototype of an all-white room, meant to absorb all emotions and treasure the secrets of the host.

AUTHOR: Caberlon Caroppi

TITLE: Blank Hotel

SEEN AT: White in the House, Brera


Salone del Mobile 2017-Favorite finds Day 5-Eclectic Trends

You might have seen, that Gudy has posted a video on this impressive Nendo Installation on her Instagram account and it was only today that I had the chance to see it, I had to return twice as I liked it so much!

The jellyfish vases move in a huge aquarium and they are made out of ultrathin transparent silicon that has been dyed twice to give the impression that they are floating in the water.


TITLE: Jellyfish Vase

SEEN AT:  Jil Sander Store in Milan


Salone del Mobile 2017-Favorite finds Day 5-Eclectic Trends

TITLE: Historic tram in Milan

SEEN AT:  On my way from Brera to Rosanna Orlandi

When traveling to foreign cities, there is nothing better than to experience the city like a local. This time I was very lucky, or probably very early, and had a chance to explore the city with this historical tram. I hope, you enjoyed my Top 5 Finds of the Salone del Mobile 2017 and I will see you next week with more gorgeous posts.


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