Satori Harbour | A library in the spirit of contemplation

A library space for contemplation-Sartori Harbour

Chinese e-commerce company Vipshop has included in its headquarters a library turned into a sanctuary that embodies the spirit of contemplation. Satori Harbour represents an abstract harbor city where employees can wander through literature and experience satori – a state of transcendental being in the practice of Taoism, as the morning light shining across the entire earth.

Architecture firm Wutopia lab, located in Shanghai, has completed a landscape-alike concept including several intimate corners waiting to be used and pause by individual visitors. Visitors are guided towards a large dome at the tunnel’s terminus that echoes the sound of waves, suggesting proximity to ‘harbor’ and ‘sea’. At the end of the Haowu corridor, a circular window captures a tiny corner of the city. The concept shows references to dunes, riverbanks, and hills, and includes an abstract boat sporting a red sail.

Contemplation Design, a new trend term on the horizon, leverages the power to pause, contemplate, and be in the moment with a minimal design approach.


Providing physical spaces for employees to practice healthy behaviors can support an individual’s discovery and cultivation of purpose and meaning in life, related to various positive physical and social outcomes.
Introspection becomes a recognized pathway to explore our needs of self and identity.


The project below uses orange and red accents that bring optimism and vitality when needed.

Round and organic shapes pair with a less is more aesthetic and a neutral color palette, that provides clarity and can be warm or cool. Neutrals offer a range of endless possibilities from more to less subtle, they are all included in color stories that work great in campaigns and products for health and wellbeing. 2021 and 2022 will see an increase in contemplation and wellness color palettes.


A library space for contemplation-Sartori Harbour

Satori Harbor - A library embodying the spirit of contemplation

Satori Harbor - A library embodying the spirit of contemplation

Satori Harbor - A library embodying the spirit of contemplation

A library to pause-Satori Harbor

Satori Harbor - A library embodying contemplation design

Satori Harbor by Wutopia Lab

Images: creatAR



Please continue reading if you are interested in learning about how Contemplation Design is integrated in a larger trend concept.



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