Sculptural flowing textile art by Diana Orving

In a time when artists shy away from observing or following trends, this specific feeling becomes a movement followed by many creative souls. The artistry of Diana Orving emerges from the improvised searching for a shape and an expression through draping. She works associatively in an exchange between techniques, materials and formats like textile sculptures, paintings and costumes when she investigates symbioses of the tactile and the visual, of body and space. She presented women’s wear collections at fashion shows and exhibitions in Sweden and internationally from 2007 to 2020.


”My large textile sculptures are all intrinsically fluid and bear stamps of mobility and movement. I view them as choreography where I have set the terms and limitations of shape, movement and dynamics. The choreography may mould a sensation, a relation, a longing or a conflict. It becomes a mean to immerse myself in something that I don’t know how to express in any other way. Working with my hands being in close contact with the material at hand is a kind of meditation to me. A repetitive ritual in assembling unique pieces bit by bit. The tactility sharpens my senses and keeps me present. My creative process is heavily influenced by improvisation and intuition – a kind of choreography onto itself. I start small, assemble, cut the next piece of the puzzle, sew, wander astray, resist and yield. Discover a new shape that guides me on the way forward. The sculpture grows bit by bit in a chain reaction.”

Diana Orving

Orving has always prioritised setting aside time to explore her craft in a more uncompromised way. This decade long experimental pursuit has grown in magnitude and importance and has resulted in many sculptural art pieces, installations and costumes.

Until 2020, she worked with both the textile art and the fashion collections simultaneously. Still, as of 2021, she decided to take a break from clothing for an indefinite period of time but has been busy in 2021 with three solo exhibitions.

You can discover and follow her beautiful art on her site or IG feed.


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